When the inaugural AFLX Tournament kicks off this Thursday 15 February, Telstra customers can stream all the action live, fast and data-free via the Official AFL Live App – with no sign-up needed. Fans will also be able to watch replays in full via the Telstra TV AFL App.

The 2018 AFXL Tournament is a new version of Australian Football designed to take the traditional game from oval grounds to rectangular fields, in a shortened format, with seven players on the field and three on the bench.

There will be three tournaments across three days in three cities (Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney) providing a great way to introduce the game to fans, and especially to those who haven’t experienced AFL before.

Each AFLX tournament match consists of two ten-minute halves with no time on and with a three-minute half time break. There will be a five minute break in between each of the six AFLX pool matches and a ten-minute break leading into the Grand Final.

The X in AFLX relates to the Roman numeral character for the number 10 – which is a constant throughout the alternative version of the game.

Here’s all the rules of the new AFLX tournament explained.

A new, fast short-format game perfect for live streaming

We’re using our technology to help bring this new game to people on the go.

The short-format of the AFLX tournament, with 10 minute quarters or halves, is great for viewing from your mobile device, keeping you across all the action as it unfolds across the three-day tournament.

The app will also link through to the AFLX tournament hub with rolling match coverage available through articles and live blogs.

View the full fixture of each AFLX tournament.

Zero touch activation is here

Ahead of the AFLX tournament we have also just launched Zero Touch activation for our AFL Live Pass customers.

It’s only appropriate for the fastest format of the game, we now have the fastest format of authentication for Telstra’s customers, who can watch the AFLX tournament live, fast and data-free.

Zero Touch recognises when a current Telstra customer downloads or renews their Live Pass app, and automatically authenticates the user – meaning you literally don’t have to do (or touch) anything once you’ve launched the app.

Telstra Zero Touch Activation - AFLX Tournament - Official AFL Live App
The new congratulations page customers will see following automatic authentication.

We’ll be rolling Zero Touch Activation out across our other sporting apps in time for their season launches in the coming weeks.

And if you don’t yet know if you love the AFLX tournament, check it out via the AFL Live Pass app at the App Store or the Google Play Store from today and find out for yourself.

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