18 years ago telstra.com first joined the information superhighway and like any big birthday milestone, we’re celebrating with the launch of our new and improved telstra.com.

With your  support – including one-on-one usability testing, feedback forums and thousands of online comments and suggestions via social media including Facebook, Twitter and CrowdSupport® – the new telstra.com might have been built by us, but it’s truly designed by you.

Screenshot of new telstra.com

One of the big improvement opportunities you shared with us was ‘make it easy for me to find what I’m looking for’. In response, we’ve introduced one touch access to the most popular features on telstra.com across four key categories – Explore, Shop, Support and My Account.  We’ve also improved our ‘search’ functionality, which is now powered by Google and more intelligent than ever before.

The new and improved menu

For me, one of the great things about building the new telstra.com is just how closely our team has been able to work with many of you to bring the site to life.


Whether you’ve just joined us or been a customer of ours for a lot longer than the 18 years telstra.com has been around, from all of us here at Telstra – thanks very much and keep the feedback coming.

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