I recently heard a story about a mum who was struggling to get her kids to do their chores, so instead of giving them pocket money as a reward, she incentivised them with the promise of the home Wi-Fi password. The result? A spotless kitchen in less than two hours.

Whilst I haven’t had to resort to these tactics in my home, my family’s appetite for connection is equally insatiable, and so too is Australia’s.

Every week, we’re spending an average of 10 hours online for personal use and we’re not just using one device to do it – in fact, the average Australian home has nine connected devices (most running on Wi-Fi) and it’s expected to rise to 29 by 2020 thanks in part to the Smart Home revolution.

Today, I’m excited to announce two new gateways – the Telstra Gateway Max 2 and Telstra Gateway Frontier – which are designed to deliver a brilliant in-home Wi-Fi experience to help you get connected quickly, access and stream content at higher speeds, on more devices in more places around the home – and all at the same time.

The Gateway Max 2, which launches next month, is designed to support a new wave of in home devices and applications and can connect up to 35 devices simultaneously with Wi-Fi dual band capability (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) to spread internet traffic across two bands to provide a more reliable connection to multiple devices.

In my house, this means I can stream the AFL on my tablet in the study, the kids can watch a BigPond movie on the living room TV and my wife can Facebook to her heart’s content from the back deck, all over a reliable Wi-Fi connection, all at the same time.

In fact, our latest home broadband bundles are packed with great entertainment offers, excellent data allowances and calling inclusions, so there’s plenty to go around.

And early 2017 we’ll launch Australia’s first ISP-supported hybrid gateway, the Telstra Gateway Frontier, which brings together Telstra’s mobile and fixed networks in one device to connect you quickly and keep you connected, even if your fixed line is unavailable.

So, if you’re moving house, this means you can use the gateway to connect to the internet using our mobile network while you wait for your fixed line service to be activated.

Also in a first for Telstra, we have partnered with Australian consultancy Design + Industry to develop these gateways so you can proudly display them in your home (instead of hiding them in shelves or cupboards) to provide the best possible Wi-Fi signal.

And in the age of DIY, our customers have told us they want tools at their fingertips to help them troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems without needing to call an expert for assistance – and the next evolution of our popular Wi-Fi Maximiser App aims to do just that.

Since launching in 2014, the app has helped hundreds of thousands of Telstra customers unlock a great home Wi-Fi experience, and now includes new functionality to allow you to perform tests on Android and iOS devices that are connected to the home gateway to help pinpoint any speed related issues on the individual device.

The easy to use app is free to download and also allows you to import floorplans and add multiple levels through the ‘Map my Wi-Fi’ feature to check for any blackspots in your home, irrespective of which service provider you’re with.

And, if you’re a Telstra customer with a compatible gateway, you can also quickly access and share your Wi-Fi name and password via SMS, email, WhatsApp or other preferred communication apps, so that friends and family can log on to your network when visiting.

So there you have it, just a few ways we’re helping to create a brilliant connected future for you – we look forward to sharing more exciting updates in the near future.

The Telstra Gateway Max 2 and Telstra Gateway Frontier will be available from September 2016 and early 2017 respectively.The Telstra Wi-Fi Maximiser App will be available from the 26th of August 2016 and is free to download through Google Play and the App Store (data charges may apply).