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World class Wi-Fi begins at home

Tech and Innovation

Posted on June 23, 2014

3 min read

Telstra introduces free app to address Wi-Fi needs

Last month we announced our plan to create Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network through a mutli-phase strategy.

The first building block of this strategy is giving our customers a world class Wi-Fi experience in their home, from the front door to back yard. This means helping people eliminate coverage black spots, achieve reliable coverage, and faster speeds on all devices connected to their home network.

I’m pleased to let you know we have launched new products, customer tips to help make this vision a reality.

Free App to help fix blackspots

Our customers tell us they want much better Wi-Fi coverage so they can use portable devices anywhere in home without the clutter of cables.

That’s why we’ve introduced Wi-Fi tips and launched the Telstra Wi-Fi Maximiser™ App.

This app can help you understand the performance of your wireless network in the home. It lets you create a coverage heat map, allowing you to visualize the Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office.

How it works:

  • You can conduct a quick test to get an instant reading of Wi-Fi coverage in a particular location.
  • Or, you can sketch out a floor plan of your home and office (or upload an existing floor plan). Once you’ve done this, you position your Wi-Fi gateway on the map and then walk to each room on the floor plan and tap the drawing to take a Wi-Fi measurement in each room. When each room has been measured the app will generate a heat map that will help you understand the signal strength in each room.

The app allows customers to see how placing a Wi-Fi gateway in different rooms or areas will affect the signal strength in the home. You can download the app via the iTunes or Google Play store.

Introducing the new Telstra Gateway Max™

With most Aussie homes relying on Wi-Fi to connect up portable devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets to the internet, Wi-Fi quality has never been so important.

The new Gateway has been proven to improve broadband reach and quality in the home with the introduction of the latest ‘AC’ Wi-Fi standard.

These gateways are the first in a range that will be compatible with the Telstra Wi-Fi™ Network. If you have one of these new gateways you’ll be able to update the software next year to join the Telstra Wi-Fi community. For more information on the gateway visit the Telstra Wi-Fi Gateway website.

Tips for trouble free Wi-Fi:

  1. Place your gateway as high as possible, as Wi-Fi signals travel best downward and side-to-side.
  2. Create a clear path for your Wi-Fi signal, large objects such as furniture and thick walls can interfere.
  3. To maximise Wi-Fi coverage, make sure you locate your Wi-Fi gateways in a central location.
  4. Select the best Wi-Fi Gateway to suit your service type and needs. For example the new Telstra Gateway Max supports HD video streaming and will help address home Wi-Fi frustrations such as coverage blackspots and dropped connections.

For more information, or to download the app, visit to the Telstra Wi-Fi website.

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