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Winning the war against paper, one business app at a time

Tech and Innovation

Posted on November 18, 2014

2 min read

Ok, let’s be honest. Who still relies on paper forms? How many of us have years’ worth of filing taking up our precious office real estate?

If you feel as though the battle against paper is never-ending, you may take some comfort to learn you’re not alone.

Recent Telstra research shows us that 75 per cent of our small businesses are still incredibly reliant on traditional paper-based tools, spending an estimated $608 million a year on paper – think of how you could invest that extra money back into your business!

While the humble pen and paper have served us well over many years, these days they usually represent lost productivity and ‘double ups’, as whatever is written has to be keyed into a computer later. Paper forms and documents are also easily misplaced or damaged, and we could all do without the extra admin trying to replace them…

Despite the availability of many business apps that run on smartphone and tablets, only 24 per cent are using apps in their business, with 41 per cent in the dark about their existence entirely. And yet, 92 per cent of us rely on apps for personal use.

Thinking about this, we have launched the Telstra Apps Marketplace, which provides businesses with a one-stop shop to find, buy and use today’s best business apps. Customers can use the new marketplace as a central hub to easily browse, purchase and manage apps from a large catalogue.

Just like your banking app means no more queuing at your local branch, or using your tablet in place of a newspaper; business apps can replace forms and gather information in the field, execute and sign contracts without printing and then scanning them, ridding you forever of the old carbon copy invoice book.

There are apps that can support file sharing, to drive greater collaboration, create digital invoices, lodge and track jobs remotely or to electronically sign documents – taking mundane tasks, removing the complexity, and giving you time back in your day.

So if you’re looking to win the war against paper and want to trial some apps to make your business more productive, head over to the Telstra Apps Marketplace.