We think it’s important to give the people who use our devices the chance to road-test and review them. So, we’re excited to give you the chance to win one of 15 Telstra 4G USB  mobile broadband modems.

What’s the deal?

4G-dongle-apply-blog-contentWe are giving 15 lucky winners living in 4G coverage areas the chance to win and review a new Telstra 4G USB  modem with 15GB of data to enjoy.

The 15 winners will receive a Telstra 4G USB mobile broadband modem with enough data credit to get you through a blistering two-week review period.

Once the review period is over the USB dongle is yours to keep.

What is 4G?

Telstra’s 4G-enabled network is the next generation in mobile broadband using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and is set to offer Australians an even faster mobile connection.

Here are some of the key benefits we think you will enjoy with the new Telstra USB 4G device:

  • Downloads up to 2 x faster than previous generations of mobile broadband
  • Uploads up to 3 x faster than previous generations of mobile broadband
  • This means you can get music faster, download your favourite shows in minutes and game with a smoother connection than ever before

Who are we looking for?

To really give this thing a real workout, you need to spend some serious time online. So you’re typically a social media aficionado, maybe a prolific blogger, animator, budding You Tube artist or just a guy or girl who really likes all things tech and internet.

If you are any sort of content creator with the need for speed then this is for you.

To get the full 4G experience you’ll need to live, work or loiter within the 4G coverage areas. You can check out whether you’re covered online.

What’s expected of the winners?

As a winner of a blisteringly fast new 4G USB modem all we ask you to do is participate in the conversation on our Telstra CrowdSupport forum. This means you need to create a CrowdSupport profile, log in and contribute at least one post per week for the two week period between 17 October 2011 and 28 October 2011.

The CrowdSupport forum is abuzz with people wanting to know what the experience is like. All we are asking you to do is get in there and tell your story to give others an idea of what you experienced using the new 4G modem. What works best for you? Got any setup questions? Something you hadn’t thought you could do before but can now with 4G?  That kind of thing!

In particular, we’re really keen to hear how your 4G experience stacks up in terms of the increased responsiveness and the faster upload and download speeds.

As one of the very first lucky people to experience Telstra 4G in Australia, we’d love you to become a bit of a home-grown product specialist, so we’d also encourage you to tweet, facebook, blog, film or podcast about your experience using the device.

Can I say whatever I want?

Say what you think. The good the bad and the ugly, it’s all part of YOUR experience so tell it like it is.

How to apply

Simply answer the following question  in 25 words or less, and the most creative answers will win;

How will a Telstra USB 4G modem supercharge your digital life?

For more info about your obligations and ours, please check the Telstra USB 4G Social Review Terms and Conditions**

You can also visit the 4G round up page for all information relating to 4g.
Apply to become a Telstra 4G USB Reviewer

Applications are open now, and will close 5PM AEST Tuesday 4th October 2011.

Use the entry form below to submit your application.

* Having problems viewing the form in this page? View the Telstra 4G USB Social Review Application Form in a new window.
** To get the full 4G experience you’ll need to live, work or loiter within the 4G coverage areas. You can check out whether you’re covered here.