Since we announced the Samsung Galaxy Nexus™ we have been inundated with requests for competitions. We thought we’d better listen and give you the opportunity to win your very own Android 4.0, Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Telstra Next G® network.

Samsung Galaxy NexusThe Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first device built for Android 4.0 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is a major Android release that will cover both smartphones and tablets.

The device itself is a stunning piece of tech to hold. The screen is what really grabs you right from the get-go-, bigger than most and spectacularly vivid.

There have been a number of great reviews written  but I am sure you all know that, and just want to know how you can win one right?

It’s pretty simple actually… just complete the web form below, and the most creative answer to the entry question will walk away with a brand new device to call their very own.

Well, what are you waiting for?

*Update 24/01/2012 – we decided to extend this competition deadline as two weeks just seemed, well to short really! The competition is now closing at 5pm on 3rd February 2012*

And the winner is…

Alejandro Silva Avila from NSW.

Congratulations Alejandro!

Your winning entry really captured the imaginations of the Social media team here at Telstra, and we only hope that she accepts to take you up on this crazy offer! Can you capture it on video for us? 😛

Thanks to everyone that entered, we had an overwhelming response of entries and it was really hard to choose one winner, but you have to admit that Alejandro’s creative idea is pretty original…

“I gifted my Future Wife a GN in December, we’ll get married next month. I’d love to exchange vows using Android Beam! :)”

Some of the top entries we really struggled to choose from included;

Kieran O’Rouke’s joke was a corker:

“so i can look up jokes. Two Android phone are walking in the desert. Which of them is 2.2? The one who called “Froyo”. “

And Christine Lee suggested some witty repartee that caught our eye 😉

“I want my phone the same way I like my men, smart, well-connected, great battery life, easy to look at, quickly turned on and touchy-feely”

Paul O’Reilly also painted an unusual picture in our minds eye with his entry

“Because I actually look like the Android Robot Logo, so much so my nickname is Android, trouble is I don’t own one :-(“

And finally, special mention to Stephen Nash who said;

“You guys don’t actually read these responses. I’d love for you to prove me wrong.”

Oh yes we do Stephen, every single one of them. But it just wasn’t quite enough to get you over the line and earn top honours. Better luck next time.

Congratulations Alejandro – all the best for your Beam Wedding vows.

Dan and all of us in the Telstra social media team.

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