In her role as leader of Telstra’s Global Products business, Michelle Bendschneider sees firsthand the impact cloud computing has had on the way business is conducted both here in Australia and globally. She takes a look at why cloud has had a larger impact than any other technology over the past decade.

Thanks to cloud computing, IT power is cheaper, easier to deploy, more reliable and less complex. Projects that would have once involved months of planning and significant up-front costs can now be switched on in a matter of minutes, and effectively rented rather than owned.

The connected world is creating huge data streams that provide powerful insights into the way we live and the positive changes we can all make. It is also creating enormous opportunity for innovative and agile companies who can use the data strategically to their advantage.

The cloud has been the spark for true IT transformation, revolutionising the way companies manage and run their IT environments. Speed and agility have become paramount as infrastructure has converged, streamlining server, network and storage capabilities onto the one platform.

What we’re seeing globally is companies changing the way they use their employees. As they converge silos using the cloud, they are also converging roles and retraining employees to maximise business value.

In fact research from Trackvia shows that, by using cloud-based applications and remote access technology, worker productivity has risen by 13 per cent.

However, companies still face challenges, especially when it comes to deciding whether to opt for a public or private cloud approach, and each variation has its own strategic implications.

Public cloud services use servers shared among multiple users, whereas private services entail sole usage of computer and storage resources.

Taking the public route, one of the largest challenges is deciding how you’re going to take core business infrastructure and the applications that go with it and put those applications on somebody else’s infrastructure.

On the private side of things, companies often grapple with the need to maintain internally hosted systems and make them work with cloud services.

While the cloud promises a great deal, moving to a cloud-only IT infrastructure takes time. This often means working with a hybrid infrastructure where some services are retained locally and others hosted in the cloud.

As a large global enterprise, Telstra is well versed in handling these complex digital challenges because we’ve come up against them ourselves.

Over the past 12-18 months we’ve worked tirelessly to improve our cloud service offerings. Partnering with leading service providers from all over the world, we can design the perfect blend of cloud services for your specific business, with all the necessary support and service end-to-end, while keeping security and compliance top of mind.

  • The cloud has had more of an impact on business than any other technology over the past decade
  • Telstra partners with leading global service providers to design the perfect cloud, with all the necessary support and service end-to-end
  • Security and compliance must be a top priority