A battle between the leading smartphone contenders has seen some of the biggest design upgrades since the launch of arguably the world’s most iconic touchscreen device a decade ago. This year, major players and brave new entrants alike have put the next generation of smartphone technology in the palm of our hands.

With a raft of impressive new features set to change the game once more, here’s the lowdown on why the time’s right to switch up your smartphone:

Because cameras are all about the lights and action

Australians now spend 74 per cent of their lives (probably) editing the perfect social media shot. But with dual lenses, infra-red technology and front-flash functions for ultra-glowy selfies, new smartphone features such as a Beautifying Selfie Camera with palm shutter function & BOKEH effect, will make sure every milestone moment is captured in flawless luminosity. And we all know better lighting and fancy filters equals better selfies, livestreams and social content all round.

Because the AFL and NRL footy finals are kicking off

It’s September. It’s the countdown to footy finals and the long weekend, which can mean a toss up between catching the climax to six months of hard-fought footy or making the most of three days away from work and jetting off interstate.

If you’re heading away, then a new smartphone surely has to be a packing priority. With near bezel-less screens for a top-quality viewing experience, they’re still small enough to let you stream on the sly – ideal if a LONG Saturday afternoon with non-footy fans is too much to bear.

Because there’s a new kind of face time

Smartphones contain pretty much every detail of our lives, and while fingerprint technology offers an added level of security beyond the simple passcode, facial recognition technology is taking biometric security to a whole new level.

Scanning more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a precise depth map of your face, even in the dark, facial reg-tech gives you peace of mind that the contents of your phone are, literally, for your eyes only.

Because summer’s coming

The arrival of the warmer weather inevitably means more trips to the pool/beach/local swimming hole and an elevated chance that your smartphone might, at one point or another, join you for a dip.

But with the latest devices carrying water ratings that allow them to be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes, a splashed smartphone no longer means hot-footing it to the shop for an emergency bag of rice.

Because the digital equivalent of spaghetti junction has had its day

We’re currently averaging four connected smart devices per person and spending an average of 35 hours a month across our devices, so it’s no surprise that our collection of charging cables resembles spaghetti junction.

But, thanks to their wireless charging capabilities, new smartphones only need to be placed on their dedicated charging pad to re-juice, leaving you free to revel in being one cable free of the digital snakepit.

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