“I have a smart TV, why do I need a Telstra TV?” And it’s a valid question. Whether you’re new to streaming, or have been subscribing to services like Netflix and Stan and watching catch-up TV for a while now – deciding which device to watch your favourite entertainment through deserves some serious thought and consideration.

Here we’ve called out the five main things that might influence your decision to choose a streaming device like the latest Telstra TV, to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and live sport plus free-to-air TV. All in one place.

Personalised recommendations

A streaming device like Telstra TV provides a personalised content-led home screen – which means you can browse and discover content from the home screen without having to open individual apps to find what to watch.

Telstra TV also curates what’s trending on free-to-air TV as well as latest releases from your favourite on-demand services and recommends these to you via the home screen.

Recent updates to the device also mean you can pick up a Netflix show where you left it, from the Telstra TV home screen, and the BigPond Movies titles featured on the home screen are now based on what’s trending. In future updates those recommendations will also be further personalised based on your own movie viewing.

Remote control the device with your mobile phone

Another exciting feature of the Telstra TV is it also allows you to pair your TV with your mobile phone. The Telstra TV Mobile App (available for both Apple and Android users) acts as a remote control for your home device, making it much easier to search using the keyboard on your phone.

This also means you don’t need to interrupt what you’re watching on TV whilst searching for what to watch next.

And whether you’re at home or on the way home from work, you can search and discover shows from your mobile and save them to watch later. The App also allows you to create wish lists and receive reminders on your phone about when your favourite show is due to start.

Centralised search across live TV, catch-up TV and streaming services

While a smart TV allows you to switch manually between live TV and streaming apps, a smart TV doesn’t bring ALL your entertainment into the one place with one centralised search.

Telstra TV is the only device in Australia with the ability to search for specific titles, simultaneously across Live TV, all five free-to-air catch up apps and on demand apps like Foxtel Now, Netflix, Stan and BigPond Movies (to name a few). The enhanced TV guide provides instant linkage from live TV to on-demand content at the touch of a button.

One example of this being really useful is if you’re watching Home and Away live (just for example!) but you missed a previous episode – you can use the TV guide to link straight to previous episodes on catch up.

Access to the latest and most relevant apps

While it’s true that many of the latest smart TVs have the likes of Netflix, Stan and YouTube apps built-in when you buy them, smart TVs often tend to be updated last when entertainment providers update their apps or launch new ones.

A dedicated streaming device like Telstra TV is automatically updated regularly with the latest versions of the latest apps,.and new apps that are relevant to Australia are being added regularly.

“Essentially, a device like Telstra TV makes your smart TV even smarter…”

Furthermore, each app is built specifically for Telstra TV hardware which means the experience between all the apps is more consistent.

Added value as part of your home broadband plan

With a Smart TV you’re likely to have to subscribe to each paid streaming app individually. Whereas, the Telstra TV enables you to add streaming services to your Telstra bill. This means you can bring together more of your entertainment expenses into one simple monthly payment with Foxtel Now and Netflix already available and more to come in the near future.

And while we’re talking about added value, the Telstra TV device itself is included in the Telstra’s $99 per month unlimited data Home Internet Entertainment Bundle, which also comes with a 24 month Foxtel subscription included. Getting the Telstra TV in a home bundle is a great way to make your smart TV smarter, especially if it’s time to renew your home broadband plan.

Overall, the advantages of a streaming device like the Telstra TV over a Smart TV are simplicity, value-for money (when compared to upgrading to a brand new Smart TV), access to the latest apps and a user-friendly interface with the ability to search across all shows and movies in one place.

So when choosing how to watch the shows and movies you love, these should definitely be some of your key deciding factors – because there’s never been more entertainment available than there is right now, and we want to make sure you can easily and quickly find and discover more of what you love.

Find out more about the new Telstra TV and discover more of what you love.

Exclusive to Telstra broadband customers. Requires a compatible TV with HDMI port. A minimum internet speed of 3.5mbps is recommended. Antenna required to access free to air channels in your area. Subscription and data charges apply. Search not available across all apps.