With the launch of Australia’s unturnoffable streaming service, BINGE, you might suddenly find yourself wondering what kind of binge-watcher you are – and what content you should get stuck into to satisfy your appetite. Whatever your tastes, there’s something for everyone to stream on BINGE. Here are just a few suggestions to get you started. And Telstra customers can get up to 12 months access on us! Find out how.

The “better late than never” binger: Game of Thrones

If you’ve ever been shamed by your friends for seemingly being one of the few people in the world who hasn’t watched HBO’s juggernaut drama series, then BINGE is here to fix that. Perhaps you didn’t get on board early enough and decided it was just too late? Or maybe you’ve heard about (or seen clips of) the dungeons and dragons and decided it wasn’t for you? Either way, I’m here to assure you you’re missing out! At its heart, Game of Thrones is a brilliant political drama – and an extremely watchable one at that. Amidst all of the ruthless scheming by those vying for control over the seven medieval kingdoms, there are edge-of-your-seat fights, loads of witty banter, genuinely shocking plot twists and more than a few raunchy scenes to get your heart racing. Don’t give up on it if it doesn’t grab you right away – stick with it for at least the first five episodes and you’ll find you won’t want to stop until you reach the end of season eight.

The “I know I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t help it” binger: Guilt

Nobody does a crime thriller quite like the BBC – and this one has a surprisingly dark comedic bent. With only four episodes, it’s also remarkable how many twists it takes in just four short hours – and even more incredible that it can make you laugh with each increasingly disturbing turn. It all begins when Scottish brothers Max and Jake accidentally run over and kill an old man on their drive home from a wedding. Jake, the younger of the two, wants to do the right thing and call the police. But Max, the smooth-operating lawyer knows they’ll be going down for their crime – and convinces his brother to try covering it up. Managing to carry the body back into his nearby home, they find evidence the man was terminally ill. Without any noticeable damage, they think they might just get away with it. That is, until Jake realises he left his wallet behind – and returns later to the scene of the crime to find the victim’s niece hosting a wake.

The “make me terrified” disaster drama binger: Chernobyl

A drama series that notches the tension all the way up to twelve, perhaps the most horrifying thing about Chernobyl is that it actually happened. In April 1986, the eponymous nuclear power plant in Ukraine suffered a disaster of unimaginable proportions. During a routine safety test, the reactor caught fire and exploded – in an uncontrollable event that spread nuclear fallout into the surrounding city and eventually across the Soviet Union and Europe. Given the political system in place at the time, and the relative ignorance about the dangers of atomic energy, the reckless response from leaders was to downplay its severity – putting their careers and the party ahead of the safety of the people. Until scientists like Valery Legasov and Ulana Khomyuk (played by Jared Harris and Emily Watson) were willing to challenge them and fight for a seemingly impossible solution to the world’s worst nuclear accident in history.

The “I’m not crying, you’re crying” binger: My Brilliant Friend

An emotionally absorbing tale of friendship and coming of age, My Brilliant Friend is based on the international bestselling Neapolitan novels by Elena Ferrante and follows the tumultuous life journeys of two young friends – the timid yet capable Lenù, and the intelligent but tempestuous Lila. Growing up together in a poor, violent neighbourhood on the outskirts of Naples during the 1950s, the story explores how the two very different friends propel each other forward in a community filled with brutality, backstabbing and fear of the ever-present danger posed by the local crime family. As its sprawling story unfolds, we see how seemingly small opportunities and choices shape each of their lives into adulthood, in what will eventually become a lifelong bond spanning more than 60 years.

The “armchair detective” binger: McMillion$

Fans of true-crime documentaries will be blown away by the sheer audacity surrounding McMillion$, a six-part series that investigates the far-reaching, decades-long swindle that stole over $24 million from the McDonald’s Monopoly game. When the FBI received an anonymous tip in 2001 about a scam involving the popular fast-food promotion, it was hardly at the top of their priorities. But once they started to scratch beneath the surface, they began to uncover a vast conspiracy going back many years and involving countless colourful characters whose lives were ultimately destroyed by the part they played in the fraud. At the centre of it all? A man known by many involved as simply “Uncle Jerry”. Could it be Jerry Jacobson, the former police officer managing security from the agency running the promotion? Or Jerry Colombo, his nightclub-owning associate with mob family ties? Watch to find out.

The “closest I’m going to get to a European vacation right now” binger: Below Deck Mediterranean

Escape the cold from the comfort of your sofa with Captain Sandy and her crew, in this addictive reality series that will have you swooning over the sun-soaked opulence of the Mallorca, Spain. Sailing aboard the luxury super-yacht “The Wellington”, the series offers an Upstairs, Downstairs glimpse into the drama and craziness of the lives of the cabin crew as they interact with each other while catering to every decadent request of the boat’s ever-changing cast of cashed-up charter passengers. Set amidst the gorgeous backdrop of Europe’s most famous cruising destination, the Mediterranean Sea, this series is sure to induce an extreme case of holiday envy.

The easy-watching nostalgic sitcom binger: The Nanny

Easily one of the greatest sitcoms of the nineties, The Nanny brings the laughs on so many levels. If you watched it as a kid, you probably giggled along with its family-friendly gags – but when you rewatch it now, you’ll wonder how so many of its cheeky adult cracks went right over your head. You know the story: the flamboyantly brassy Fran Fine, sacked from her job in a Queens bridal shop run by her former boyfriend, heads to Manhattan to sell cosmetics door-to-door. Mistaken as an applicant for the vacant nanny position in the household of refined Broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield, her style, her flair (and the fact that she’s there) means she gets the job. And as she cares for Sheffield’s three children, while tormenting his jealous business partner Cece with the help of their butler Niles, her charmingly out-of-place demeanor brings a breath of fresh air to an otherwise stuffy situation.

The family movie night binger: The Secret Life of Pets 2

Join Max the Terrier and his fellow furry friends for a family comedy favourite that shows what our pets get up to when we’re not home. In this latest follow-up adventure, Max’s owner Katie is now a mother – and Max has become so obsessed with the baby’s safety that he’s developed a nervous tick. When the family heads off on a trip to the country, Max becomes even more of a wreck when he and his poochy pal Duke come across some unfriendly farm animals. That is until an old farm dog named Rooster helps Max to discover his inner courage and find some much-needed balance. Meanwhile back home, wacky bunny Snowball thinks he might actually be a superhero when his owner starts to dress him up in a mask and cape – so much so that when Daisy turns up to ask for help, he’ll have to pluck up all the bravery he can muster to save the day.

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