As the invitations to new product releases flow into my inbox, I wanted to provide a short update on some of the products I wrote about at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – January 2010.


Embertec-plugIt’s not often you get the opportunity to attend a small Australian company’s product launch at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. Embertec was honoured at the CES 2010 Innovations Awards, and was a finalist in the CleverGreen 2010 Innovators Awards.

The Embertec EmberPlug™ comes in two flavours – one for AV equipment and one for computers. The EmberPlug is an intelligent and intuitive device that aims to reduce power usage (and hence save you money) of appliances that sit on standby for hours on end. I know in my house the TV, video, and gaming machines all sit around with the little red light shining all day long – even though there is no one using them.

The EmberPlug has a sensor that tracks your device’s remote control usage – the default is one hour of no activity, but can be extended up to 3 hours. If no activity, it shuts off the device so you save power and money. To restart, just point your remote control at the sensor, pushing a button, and you are again receiving power.

Of course, you don’t want your Foxtel or other time dependent box turning off – hence the EmberPlug’s dual power input sockets. These devices remain on. Savings on power consumption are projected over 10 years to be around $A1,400 for AV gear and $A670 for computers.

I received 3 x AV plugs and 1 x PC plug last week as part of a Victorian Government initiative to reduce power consumption. The installer plugged each into the wall sockets and was out of the house in under an hour (including a brief walkthrough).


Wrapsol for iPad“Wrapsol protective film wraps and screen protectors are made from an optically clear polyurethane resin, coated with a clear, hybrid copolymer, acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive” (Wrapsol website). In simple terms the Wrapsol products protect your mobile phone, computer tablet, game consols, cameras, GPS and more. There are three versions:

  • Ultra – front and back wrap offering the strongest protective film technology
  • Clean – Screen protector anti-smudge protective film technology
  • Privacy – Screen protector with 4-way privacy protective film technology

If you are like me, you will really appreciate the Active Air Release™ features of these products. Active Air Release takes out those annoying bubbles you may encounter within 24 hours of applying the film. I know from first hand this does work!

Cocoon Grid-it

Cocoon - Grid ItHow often do you have to empty your bag looking for that elusive USB key, pen or other small item that is never where you expect it to be?

The Grid-it remains one of the best low-tech products I have ever come across – and is always the first place I go to now to find things. Consisting of a grid of elastic strips, you have an endless configuration to secure everything from pens to chargers and all in between.

Stay tuned for some exciting products to be released shortly from CES 2012