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When switching off is a good thing

Telstra News

Posted on July 5, 2010

3 min read

No I am not talking about lights or metaphorically when you’re in a meeting and the presenter is at slide No. 54……

I’m talking networks, products and services – not new ones, but old ones.

If you thought telecommunications companies were just about building new networks and creating new products, and switching on new technologies, then think again.

At Telstra, we are also turning off equipment when it no longer helps our business or serves our customers needs.

It’s called “asset decommissioning” and we can do this once we have migrated customers from legacy products and networks, services and products to new and better solutions with greater functionality. One example of this is the old Dial IP network.  You can watch as one of our Telstra Techs switches off the first Dial IP PoP.

You might remember the sound of a Dial IP modem connecting to the internet. It’s not as common as it used to be as customers embrace faster, more reliable technologies like ADSL2+ and cable. And that means we don’t need as much of the old Dial IP equipment as we used to so can begin to decommission it.

Not only is this type of legacy asset decommissioning good for our business and our customers, it’s also an important strategy for assisting us to meet our emissions reduction target.

So don’t be put off by legacy asset turn offs. They are good for keeping our business running efficiently and they can be good for the environment.

Other Carbon Reduction Initiatives Telstra:

There are other things that our company is doing to reduce energy consumption to help us meet our target such as:

Want to Take Some Direct Action Yourself?

Got any ideas on how Telstra can meet our carbon reduction targets? Let me know your thoughts in the response box of this blog. I’ll ensure you get a response back.

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