It’s no secret I totally dig social media. In fact, lately I have been thinking I am more interesting online that I am in real life.

My life is starting to resemble The Matrix more and more every day. I work online, I moderate publish and update the Telstra Facebook page, I Tweet all day long for @Telstra_news and then go home and blog and write about blogging and review stuff as a personal hobby.

Ego-App-screengrab-blog-contentI think it is fair enough to say that I am a completely hard wired social media nerd.

And it seems that I am not alone – a major study by Google has found Australia has the highest smartphone penetration in the world at 37 per cent and we’re also consuming more apps, the research revealed.

I recently went to a Bank and a Post Office in person, two things in one day! It freaked me right out. I do all of these things online these days, not to mention my level of social media activity heading off the chart.

Which got me thinking about how I manage my social activities online.  This lead to a discussion with my digital colleagues about our favourite apps.

The world of apps is seemingly infinite with over 425,00 for the iPhone alone at the time of this writing.

There are stores I don’t even know about I’m quite sure, and it seems everyone has a different set they prefer, or  even the same ones they use differently, so  I thought I would share my four favourite social apps and what I do with them to get the conversation started.

After all, sharing is social right?

Ego – $1.99

This one speaks for itself. I am infatuated with impressions, page views and unique users. I track a few sites that I run and a couple of blogs and like the name implies, it’s all about me.
Wordpress-app-blog-contentEgo has a really simple interface that shows you how your social stuff measures up in snapshot view, no bells and whistles. On start-up I can instantly see Visits and Page views of my online world and and how many followers I have on Twitter (never enough!).

Until I wrote this I didn’t even know there was a version for iPad. Guess what I’ll be doing later on when I get home?

WordPress for iOS – Free

This one is crucial to my ability to be able to capture ideas on the fly. While I still struggle to do full blog posts on the fly on a handheld device, it does have a tonne of features that you need and it does give me the ability to quickly throw down ideas for future posts and leave them in Draft mode for future tweaking.

LinkedIn – Free

Being connected with like minded professionals is also important to me and the social place to be for that is LinkedIn. It is a place to have your digital resume and keep an eye on shifts and opportunities in the career market.

LinkedIn-screengrab-blog-contentThe LinkedIn app is free and quite a nice interface, very simple to use and at a glance you can see updates, your own profile, inbox, and groups you belong to.

Facebook – free

This one goes without saying but I thought I would include it to see what other people use to access facebook, because it never ceases to amaze me the range of apps that people use to access their facebook accounts.  I keep it pretty simple and like the free facebook one because it shows me everything I need.

Tribe, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Friendly – there are a stack of them out there. Some of them are entire dashboard systems for monitoring everything at once.

Oh and for all you trekkies out there, make sure you check out this Star Trek PADD. It’s completely mad.

So what’s your favourite social app, or marketplace and why?

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