Our phones are more than just communications devices. The apps, photos, music and more that we put on them are a reflection of, and extension of who we are. This week, SportsNight anchor James Bracey shares what’s on his phone.

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Foxtel Go

By far my favourite app. Watching sport, movies, TV shows whenever and wherever I like. Priceless.


A shameless plug, but it’s where you can watch all the sports news coverage from my colleagues and I.

Tune In Radio

Sky News is a national news service, so I need to make sure I discuss issues that cater for a wide audience. It’s great being able to listen to any radio station in Australia to see what each city/state is talking about it.

Press Reader

Downloading newspapers directly onto my phone/iPad. Genius.


I was a bit slow to this one, but since getting my Golden Retriever “Ace”, he and I now share the account (@braceyjames).

You can follow James on Twitter @braceyjames