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What will you learn online in 2012?

Tech and Innovation

Posted on January 3, 2012

2 min read

Happy New Year and welcome to 2012. After a short break, I’m geared up to do better this year, improve my health and wellbeing and continue to learn.

For those of you not familiar with my blog topics, I’m a huge fan of life-long learning, and I’m learning whenever I get the chance. I have a 43 year history of self-directed learning, and I believe I embody the 21st Century learner.

Because of my job and personal interests, I am living on the leading edge of technology and education innovation which means I’m informed, agile, I love to collaborate, I share what I know and I respond well to change. These are just a few of attributes you’ll need to adapt to the ever changing workforce these days.

In the past I have tutored online and designed a few online courses, most recently a course on Udemy called Reinventing School Challenge. This year I’m designing a fun new “learning experience” called Passion Quest, and I intend to take on a bunch of new courses to further diversify my skills. Video production will be first on my agenda.

These days with Smartphones, tablets and the advancement of technology and internet speeds in general you can learn pretty much anywhere, anytime that works for you. My teenage daughter is learning to use the advanced features of photoshop online, and I know of loads of people who have learned via YouTube or iTunes University. If you learn to search and filter information well, you can find great free courses in most languages and learn almost anything you can imagine.

If you are anything like me, this year you’ll be looking for places to learn for free or for little cost. If you want to learn with your social group, try joining/forming a community of practice. You may even like to have a go at sharing your knowledge by creating your own eLearning course or teach a live class online. I’ve added a short list of my favourite places to learn for you below. Enjoy!

Great places to learn online in 2012

Please do share your favourite online learning resources or tell us a story about a positive learning experience you’ve had online.