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What was the One Good Thing you did online?

Telstra News

Posted on March 5, 2014

2 min read

We often hear about negative things that happen online: bullying, scams, those unspeakable trolls and so on. But the fact is this is not the norm.

I believe online safety is as much about creating a sense of belonging and reinforcing high standards of behaviour, as it is about eliminating negative behaviours.

In recent research by Telstra, 64 per cent of young adults said they had used the internet for positive purposes, and 80 per cent offered ideas for how a better internet could be created.

Earlier this month we marked Safer Internet Day by taking the opportunity to celebrate the positive things we can do to make the online world a better place.

We asked people to tell us on social media the one good thing they had seen or done online that day.

The results weren’t earth shattering, but everyday acts of kindness tend not to be. Rather, they highlighted the role each of us plays in creating a positive online world:

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