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What it feels like to win a chance of a lifetime

Telstra News

Posted on April 16, 2014

3 min read

Telstra customer and Thanks competition winner Kai Lebens shares his experience taking part in our live Google+ Hangout with the stars of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

So, when you enter these competitions you never actually win… right?

Luckily, I was wrong.

When I came across this competition I looked at my Spider-Man key ring (sad, I know) and thought ‘why not?’

I’m a massive movie fan, to the point of driving my partner to distraction as she hates watching movies! I love them so much that I’m always having a shot at auditioning for a few acting roles.

Kai on screen during the Hangout on AirThe latest attempt was a super hero movie being filmed on the Gold Coast. I didn’t get it sadly, missing out to none other than Margot Robbie’s brother.

With this role on my mind I had a couple of questions I thought would be fun to ask Andrew if I could just jam them into 25 words or less.

You see, he is widely known as having quite a wirey frame and he also grew up in Surrey in the UK, so the question I wanted to ask was, “how did you prepare for the role, both physically and for the American accent?”

Who would have thought I would actually get the chance to ask him, virtual face to virtual face over a Google+ Hangout on Air. I was pretty excited to say the least!

With my most recent job being the Product Manager for Canon cameras, I am no stranger to the pressure of testing relatively new technology in front of a crowd. I was certainly interested to see how the Google+ Hangout was going to work with people from all over Australia logging in at the same time as well as from a live studio in Sydney.

Telstra had us all do a couple of dry runs to make sure we had everything right. There were added challenges with it streaming live and having extra mics and things on their end – and so we could all have a run through in the order we would be asking our questions.

Merrick Watts, who was the mediator for the interview, was there for one of the dry runs and I must say I was surprised at his level of professionalism. I know I shouldn’t have been, but as an Aussie comedian I just expected him to be a clown! Yes, he was cracking jokes non-stop, but he also had great tips on timing and even voice coaching tips for a live telecast on the Hangout.

So as I sit here typing this out on the Samsung tablet I also won as part of the competition, I am more than happy with how things turned out.

Yeah sure, the video drops in and out a little at the start but we literally had people all over the place: I was sitting in a holiday apartment on a tablet, Jarrod was in his van out the front of his work on a tablet and other guys were at home or in an office.

I am sure Gen Y and the Millenials just expect this stuff to work, no questions, but hey! We got to talk to Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy ‘in person’ from some of the most distant parts of the country! Now that’s something you certainly don’t expect to do when you aren’t in the middle of Sydney or Melbourne.

Watch highlights from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Google+ Hangout below