Troy Douglas, co-founder of 2015 Telstra Australian Micro Business of the Year, Nexba, an Australian beverage brand offers advice to his younger self.

Entrepreneurs Troy Douglas and Drew Bilbe

Own your decisions to ‘just do’ in every aspect of life.

I actually think saying ‘owning the decision to just do’ internally is enough to reduce procrastination significantly, as it will quickly illuminate the things that don’t need doing.

You can avoid conflict by being clear and simple in communication.   

It is fascinating having seen over the years a general reluctance to engage in conflict or hard conversations.

So, let’s not only promise, but commit to each other that communication is key and to continually drive to be passionately infectious.

Have the willingness to be open to all situations.

I believe we are all here for a particular purpose.

We meet people for certain reasons and whether you know it, or are cognitive of the fact, we all make impacting impressions which alter & influence our actions or reactions in life.

If you meet someone new that you wouldn’t normally connect with or are presented with an opportunity you would usually turn down, don’t. Leap at the opportunity and see where it takes you. You’d be surprised.

Constantly challenge yourself to keep both mentally and physically fit.

Over time I’ve learned that taking that time out by myself is so mentally invigorating. Don’t be scared to take your lunch break or leave work a bit earlier to get out and do some exercise. Your physical health is just as important as your mental health, and your company is all about living a better-for-you lifestyle.

Be humble by striving to be your best self and celebrating the person next to you.

Today, I think we should acknowledge each other’s great attributes and in a commercial proposition accentuate the things that make us as individuals unique. It is our differences that will forge new directions and opportunity beyond what was once deemed ‘competition’ and roadblocks to success.

Wearing suit shorts to a meeting may not give the best first impression.

As young and trendy as you like to think you are and as in fashion as suit shorts are, do not wear them to important meetings. Enough said.

You’ve got a whirlwind 5 years ahead of you, so you better buckle up because it is going to be the ride of your life. Don’t worry, though, you’ll be fine!

Finally, don’t forget to #LiveWell and #LeaveLegacy.

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