We are always looking for ways to bring 5G to life in more places, and to show off what it is truly capable of. This is why we are teaming up with Augmented Reality (AR) gaming developer, Niantic, to bring a new multiplayer game to Australia.

Niantic – creator of globally popular AR games like Pokémon Go, Ingress and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – is today debuting a new AR experience called Codename: Urban Legends to show off large-scale multiplayer on a superfast 5G networks like ours.

Codename: Urban Legends is a new immersive multiplayer game demo that sees you and your team explore the world and battle against foes.

If you ever played Pokémon Go, you will know that having the right network is key to enjoying a smooth gaming experience. And when you combine this with a multiplayer experience, it is crucial you are playing on a high capacity, high-speed network like our 5G one to ensure you get a great experience.

This is why Niantic teamed up with us exclusively in Australia: Our 5G technology makes us the natural choice. We will look drive further technology like mmWave, network slicing, enhanced mobile broadband and edge compute to bring Australian gamers an ultra-low latency, super-fast experience in more places than our competitors.

We are on track to cover 75% of Australia’s population with 5G coverage by the end of June and have no doubt this is another reason why Niantic asked us to join its Alliance. Our technology leadership helps drive an immersive real-world multiplayer AR experience that truly shows off the potential of 5G.

As part of this Codename: Urban Legends announcement, we are excited to also join Niantic’s Planet-Scale AR Alliance alongside some of the global telco leaders to work on future AR projects together.

Gaming is massive in Australia and we know AR experiences will be popular among both casual and dedicated gamers, just like Niantic’s past entertainment experiences, especially when played on Australia’s largest and best 5G.