We’ve entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Amazon Web Services to explore differentiated multi-access network edge computing, bringing the cloud closer and potentially delivering game-changing speeds, resilience and flexibility across different applications for customers.

We’ve just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with AWS that means we can start collaborating on a number of edge compute solutions, with our goal to develop services that give companies the ability to deploy applications much closer to their customers, increasing performance and overall user experiences to help solve a range of business problems for our customers.

Our major focus in this partnership is exploring the integration of Amazon Web Services’ edge compute solutions into our multi-access network, enabling innovations such as allowing 5G devices to access edge compute applications without ever leaving our network. Changes like this have the potential to significantly reduce latency and increase resilience in those applications, avoiding multiple hops across the internet; for industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment and gaming, these low-latency, high resilience and high-bandwidth benefits can be game changers.

This partnership also means big things for accelerating digital transformation at enterprise and government agencies, making new and transformative capabilities possible that require network resilience, data sovereignty and low latency – think autonomous and smart cars, smart cities and smart stores, defence, industrial automation, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning at the edge and a wide range of IoT applications.

Edge computing has massive potential to streamline and improve the way that businesses can create and roll out their digital applications and services. By pushing compute power to the edge of our network, closer to our customers and their devices, we can enable lower latency communications and higher bandwidth, making some new applications possible that are limited by those constraints today. Edge Compute also allows us to simplify and optimise costs at enterprise offices, branches and stores, taking infrastructure out of those locations and aggregating them in the network combined with resilient connectivity leveraging our leading fixed and wireless networks. Combined with AWS’ massive scale and range of edge compute solutions, the applications we can build and deploy for customers will mean more seamless, resilient and better quality user experiences and optimise costs.

We want to be the trusted partner underpinning Australia’s digital economy, by helping Australian businesses solve their business problems and benefit from ultra-fast response times and the enhanced resilience that comes with embedding AWS edge computing solutions at the edge of Telstra’s multi-access network. By bringing our customers and their mission critical applications closer together via our 5G network and Edge Compute collaboration, regardless of work location, Australian businesses will be able to transform the way they operate and serve their customers.

As part of this new Strategic Collaboration Agreement with AWS, we’re also launching an exciting new Centre of Excellence to help enterprise and government organisations with their digital transformations and to embrace cloud technology. The events of the last year have only accelerated our customers’ need for flexibility, and we’re excited to join forces with AWS to deliver that however we can.