Today we’ve announced we’re partnering with Fetch TV as our new platform for Telstra TV and to create our future home and entertainment experience.

Fetch TV is a lot like Telstra TV in that it combines free-to-air TV, catch-up, premium channels, streaming apps, and movies all in one place.

Will my Telstra TV continue to work?

Absolutely. There are no changes to the Telstra TV you use today and we look forward to sharing how we will make your overall streaming experience better with our partnership with Fetch TV.  

If you have subscribed to content partners like Netflix, Binge or Kayo via your Telstra bill, nothing will change for you.

Will I need to need change my Telstra TV to Fetch TV in the future?

Over the next year we’ll be in touch directly to help you migrate from your current Telstra TV to one powered by Fetch TV.

Will Fetch TV have all the same apps and features as my Telstra TV?

Fetch TV supports many of the same streaming services as Telstra TV today including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Paramount+, Stan and YouTube, along with free-to-air. We’ll have more to share about additional apps and streaming services later in the year.

Why are you changing Telstra TV?

Telstra TV launched in 2015 with a focus on bringing together a wide range of streaming services for our customers. While the current Telstra TV product remains popular for streaming and free-to-air TV, the underlying technology platform needs to evolve, to support new content offers, help you manage your Telstra account on the device and help you unlock rewards through Telstra Plus. We also want to make Telstra TV even better, by adding support for future entertainment options .

As homes become more digitally connected, the integration of technology – including things like our Smart Modem, smart meter and the platform you use for streaming media – will become even more critical. While they all do different things, if they can work together seamlessly, it will help our customers to get the most out of their connectivity – and that’s a big area of focus for us.

And so for these reasons, we have selected Fetch TV as the partner to help us build our future home and entertainment experience. Fetch already provides a very popular platform with over 670,000 subscribers that offers local and international content, including Australian digital free-to-air television.

What does this mean for existing Fetch TV customers?

Existing Fetch TV customers can continue to maintain their Fetch relationship directly or via their current telco.