We want to use our world class skills to help find missing people in Australia.

Police here receive reports of more than 38,000 missing persons every year. While most are found within a short period of time, approximately 2,600 remain long-term missing persons.

We’ve joined forces with the Australian Federal Police and AustCyber Canberra Innovation Node to see if our cyber security team can help, using their world-class skills.

As part of Cyber Week 2019, the Telstra office foyer in Canberra has been taken over for an Australian-first hackathon. 354 ethical hackers, including members of our very own Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) team, will be using their cyber skills to find information on 12 national missing people, identified by AFP’s National Missing Persons Coordination Centre.

Searching and analysing publicly available information, the ultimate goal is to solve a missing persons case.

We are hosting the main site, but official hacking locations have also been set up in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.

It’s the first-time simultaneous events like this have been run across an entire country. We want to use the incredible skills of our OSINT experts and apply it to a real-life challenge that can deliver very tangible results for families. Hopefully, we’ll see some actionable leads found, which will be handed to the AFP and National Missing Persons Coordination Centre to follow up.

It really is a great opportunity for Telstra to demonstrate our world-class security talent and strengthen our partnership with the AFP, AustCyber and the cyber security community in Australia.

Cyber security capabilities are a core part of our vision for Telstra’s future, and our people are excited to take part because they could help change someone’s life.

We are proud to use our technical capabilities and cyber security expertise to help make an innovative event like this possible.