We’re proud to announce a new partnership with Marine Rescue NSW that will see the development of a robust and stable communications platform to help ensure that when a boater is in trouble on the water, a rescue crew can receive a rapid call to action.

The mission of Marine Rescue NSW remains simple but critical – to save lives on the water. This exciting new partnership with Telstra will provide the rescue service with the essential communications it needs to help respond to emergencies on the water with extra confidence.

Our partnership includes the development of an innovative communications platform to support Marine Rescue NSW’s communications needs. That means providing new telephone hardware, connection devices, data and satellite links across the 45 MRNSW units dotted along the NSW coastline and on the Alpine Lakes and Murray River – as well as the newest rescue unit stationed on Lord Howe Island.

Most importantly, the platform provides MRNSW units with NBN as well as Telstra LANES 4G back-up, meaning its emergency personnel will have priority access to the network in peak traffic periods and round-the-clock priority support to repair and help manage outages, even if their fixed connections are down.

Marine Rescue NSW - Tuggerah Lakes

The 2018-19 MRNSW Annual Report noted that its volunteers launched 2,802 missions, rescuing 6,884 Australians, over the year. On the open water, every minute lost can be a matter of life and death. Our leading infrastructure can help give the agency the comfort of saving valuable minutes in getting a rescue crew underway to the scene of an emergency.

Earlier this year, volunteers from Marine Rescue Middle Harbour kindly demonstrated the service’s rescue capability and around-the-clock community service to representatives of both Telstra and Exigo Tech.

With a greater understanding of the role technology can play in supporting these missions, we went to work pinpointing how to develop more reliable, secure and agile communications and IT networks.

Marine Rescue NSW - Trial Bay

Marine Rescue NSW is working closely with Telstra and our additional technology partners, ExigoTech Pty Ltd and MobileCorp, to build these reliable networks and IT solutions. The end solution will help enable crews on the frontline to respond more swiftly to emergency calls for help, with greater ability to access critical online vessel tracking and other systems.

We have a long history and strong relationship with Australia’s emergency frontline workers. This partnership follows a similar initiative with Queensland Ambulance Service in January 2019, which ensured paramedics were supported by a leading mobile managed services solution to help give officers access to essential documentation and information in a 24/7 environment.

These platforms help ensure Australia’s frontline is not only equipped to handle emergency situations but can do so with the confidence they have access to crucial information quickly.

We recognise the role technology plays in empowering Australia’s heroes – for those putting their safety at risk every day to rescue Australians, this is our way of supporting your mission to save lives.

Marine Rescue NSW - Boaters reunite with rescuers