Thanks to a $187 million five-year deal between Telstra and the Queensland Government, students in 1258 state schools across Queensland will benefit from faster internet speeds than they’ve ever had before.

With the average internet bandwidth per student set to increase more than 200 times – from 25Kbps per student today to 5Mbps per student by March 2026 – students at Queensland state schools will soon have access to world-class connectivity.

This investment will ensure all Queensland state students can take advantage of the digital and online learning resources available to them – with the upgrades bringing rural and regional schools’ connection speeds equivalent to those in Brisbane.

Digital inclusion for school kids is one of the most important drivers when it comes to positive education outcomes. As a result of these upgrades, students from even the most remote parts of Queensland will have access to quality, high speed connectivity, and will get to enjoy all the opportunities that come with it.

Over the next 18 months we’ll be rolling out a significant amount of infrastructure across every corner of the state, including connecting around 40 schools to fibre for the first time.

It’s one of several recent education projects that we’ve undertaken with state governments – joining an upgrade for more than 2000 schools in NSW, a boost for more than 1600 public schools in Victoria, an upgrade for more than 500 schools across SA, an upgrade to more than 750 public schools in WA, and upgrades to some regional schools in Tasmania.

We’re incredibly proud of our work in boosting digital inclusion in Queensland and playing such an important role in the education of millions of kids right across Australia.