“Alexa, welcome to Australia!” The Amazon Echo has arrived Down Under, and features a Telstra Smart Home® skill.

We know that voice services are becoming increasingly important and useful in people’s daily lives, and the integration of this technology into our homes through smart speakers and devices will be one of the biggest tech trends in Australia this year.

Voice services, like Amazon’s Alexa, let you do many things – from asking questions, checking your calendar, playing music and controlling your compatible smart home devices using your voice.

With voice services being pivotal to bringing smart home technology to the mainstream, we’re excited that Telstra is supporting the arrival of Amazon’s voice service Alexa, on devices like Amazon Echo, in Australia – and that it will integrate with a range of our Telstra Smart Home® devices.

Amazon’s Alexa has been customised for Australia – with Alexa sporting her very own Aussie accent, so Australians have a new mate to catch up on the latest in news and entertainment with, or to get some help around the house.

Aussies can ask Alexa to check the weather, the traffic and sports scores, as well as to play music, or set music alarms and timers.

Amazon Echo is welcomed to the Telstra Smart Home family

In addition to Alexa’s new abilities for your home, our integration will allow Telstra Smart Home® customers even more opportunities to control their Telstra Smart Home® compatible lights, and smart plugs – and more to come – all through Amazon’s Alexa voice service.

Australian customers will be able to purchase Amazon Echo (2nd generation) and Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) online from today and from selected Telstra stores from this Friday with Telstra Smart Home® integration and a new bundle coming soon after. Search for your closest Telstra store here.

Find out more about the Amazon Echo, or find out more about Telstra Smart Home®.

Amazon Echo is part of Telstra Smart Home