Kids home? Lights on? Dinner on? Iron off? Check-in on the dog?  Welcome to the era of the Smart Home. And it’s no longer stuff of sci-fi.

Today the average Australian household has nine connected devices and by 2020, it’s expected to be 29.  In fact, there are more connected devices in the world than people. With all these connected devices, and rapid advances in technology, our homes are on the brink of a digital revolution. Just as the smartphone transformed our mobile lives, the home is set to change.

Which is why later this year, we’ll launch a self-monitored and fully serviced home technology platform – Telstra Smart Home.

You’ll be able to connect compatible smart devices to one simple app that you can control from your smartphone, desktop or tablet – helping you to be at home when you can’t be there.

With door and window sensors, motion sensors, smart power plugs, cameras, lights, smart locks and thermostats available at launch, you’ll be able to set up tailored experiences to suit your life when you’re at home or away.

So what does this mean for you at home?

Here are some of the things that Smart Home can help you with every day:

Check in on the kids

Looking for peace of mind knowing your kids have arrived home after school? You can set your Smart Home up to get a notification direct to smartphone or tablet when the front door opens, or alternatively get notified if it doesn’t.

Get pet smart

Check your in-home cameras to make sure your pets are okay while you’re at work, or set up motion sensor in rooms you don’t want them getting in to receive instant notifications if they’ve ventured out.

Worrying whether you turned the iron off?

Plug your iron or hair straightener into a smart plug so you can either set a rule to make it automatically turn off at a certain time, or switch it off directly from your phone.

Whether you’re out for the night, the weekend, or overseas for a month, you can make it look like you never left home

Set your lights to go on and off at varying times, so it looks like you’re home. Or go one step further and set up smart plugs on sound systems or TV so it sounds like there’s people around.

These are just a few scenarios that come to mind, but there’s a whole lot more to discover with the Telstra Smart Home. And, it doesn’t end there. We’ll continue to add new devices like entertainment and health solutions to our range, to make sure the platform grows with you.

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