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Welcome to the future of farming


Posted on March 15, 2017

2 min read

Meet the startup building software that is changing how farms are managed, throwing out the notebook, making way for a future where data is king and efficiency is a way of life.

The ubiquitous notebook in the front pocket of every farmer in Australia contains everything, from stock numbers to feed orders to market prices – Within it is contained the single record of the many important decisions made every day on farms around Australia – that can be undone by a spilled cup of coffee or an unintended turn in the washing machine.

AgriWebb’s technology is helping farmers around Australia transform how they manage their livestock farms. The team hails from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford and includes founders who are fifth generation Australian livestock farmers. It’s this first-hand experience that has driven them to create an app that collects on-farm data (online and offline), making farm management more efficient, more sustainable and cutting down on lost profit.

This data-driven decision making is a new approach for the agriculture industry and the good news is it still fits in the farmer’s front pocket – with all the data held in a smartphone.

So how does it work?

If a farmer follows a set of best practice techniques, the science tells us that livestock production can increase between 20-30%. As an example, the mortality rate for lambs between pregnancy scanning and lamb marking is 30-40%, which equates to 13.8 million deaths every year. This represents about $2 billion dollars in lost revenue every year.

AgriWebb gives farmers the ability to manage their livestock and farm in a more efficient manner. Farmers can reduce their livestock mortality rate and increase production, all through better management practices facilitated by the use of technology.

Currently 800 farmers across Australia are already using AgriWebb’s software, and the team is signing up 50-60 new farms per month.

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