It’s January. It’s Las Vegas. It’s the CES. Once again, the tech world converges on Las Vegas to see what’s hot in consumer electronics.

Sunday and Monday are press only days, which is where some pretty impressive products are showcased and the majority of major press releases take place. From today, thousands of exhibitors and developers show their latest innovations.

This year the CES is organising a series of mini summits under the theme of ’Living in Digital Times’, which includes things such as Mommy Tech, Digital Health and FashionWare. I think this is going to be a really big theme this year some of the products being showcased have the potential to make their way to our shores soon.

Here are some of my top picks.

June by netatmo


June is both a fashion bracelet and App that allows you to monitor your exposure to UV rays. The App gives you tailor-fit sun protection advice based on your habits and skin type. It will notify you when you need to reapply your sunscreen, wear a hat or put on sunglasses.

The bracelet is designed like a diamond, with facets that glimmer and shine like the rays of the sun. The June stone is available in three colours – platinum, gold or gunmetal, and can be worn as a fashion accessory. Looks like a great product for our Australian sun.


The Wellograph

Wellograph is a wristwatch with a curved sapphire crystal display that is a heart and activity monitor that delivers live information about the wearer’s activity throughout the day.

Wellograph reads your pulse throughout the day and tells you if you are getting enough aerobic exercise in each day and week. It is designed to be worn comfortably and discretely in either casual or professional settings.

RunPhones and SleepPhones

RunPhones and SleepPhones

Developed by a family doctor, RunPhone provides music, while SleepPhones provide a safe, all natural way to provide restful, music-assisted relaxation, both without bulky headphones or uncomfortable earbuds.

Simply, both RunPhones and SleepPhones are headphones in a headband. The speakers can be removed so you can wash the headband, and the material lets in some ambient noise, making them the perfect companion for sport or travel.


EnerPlex can take you up a mountain

EnerPlex offers a wide range of portable power for the everyday consumer. No matter if you are hiking in the bush, soaking up the sun at the beach or by the pool, or walking down the street to your next business appointment, EnerPlex can charge your electronic devices on the move, away from a power outlet.

EnerPlex have four distinct series: Kickr, Jumpr, Surfr and Packr.

Given the constant growth in mobile electronic devices, and our need to always stay connected, EnerPlex can ensure you will stay “Always in Charge”.

Reebok CheckLight

The CheckLight on the back of a head

Reebok Checklight has been designed to alert athletes, coaches and athletic trainers and parents to the severity of impacts.

Checklight provides consistent, reliable and actionable impact data. Sensors that are directly coupled to the head to reflect direct accelerations that the device, not a helmet or chin strap, experiences. The Checklight can be worn with or without a helmet, and logs the number of impacts recorded.

The developers of Checklight have identified that athletes involved in contact sports may not be aware of the severity of an impact – and Checklight can alert coaches or the players as to the severity of such an impact.


Note: This is a personal blog entry and does not represent an endorsement by Telstra of the mentioned products. Any purchase or use of the products is undertaken at own risk; readers should conduct their own checks on relevant product specifications, uses and pricing.