If you work in a medium to large business, you’ve probably had an idea about how you can change it for the better. If you have, you might already be an intrapreneur, and not even know it. We’ve co-designed a new microcredential with the University of Melbourne to put our people in the driver’s seat when it comes to developing their skills in innovation and intrapreneurship.

What are microcredentials?

Learning really is a lifelong pursuit. You can no longer just be handed a high school diploma, degree or even a doctorate and think that is it for education and learning – the world is changing too rapidly for that.

That’s why we continue to work with top universities to create our suite of microcredentials, to support our people to rapidly develop new skills and polish old ones.

Microcredentials are an alternative to longer, more traditional qualifications; are much more specific,and require a much shorter time commitment to complete, whilst still being globally accredited.

Given that the average employee will now need to rebuild their skillsets 15 times throughout their career to keep pace with workplace and technology change, these microcredentials are an absolute game changer.

In addition, technology skills shortages in Australia were an urgent issue before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We now need to boost numbers at a much faster rate to support the digitisation of our economy and ongoing business transformation across the nation. There are also fewer new students currently entering STEM degrees in Australia than in other OECD countries.

To help change that, we’re working with universities to enhance student learning through innovation in curriculum design and delivery; offering industry placements and work experience, and giving students research project opportunities, for example through our Melbourne Connect partnership with the University of Melbourne.

We also continue to hire a considerable number of graduates, particularly with technology skills, into our business every year.

Microcredentials have become a core part of our learning and development offerings and one of the ways we upskill and reskill our people in critical capabilities and technology skills.

Teaching our people to be game changers

As part of our T22 transformation program, we’ve set up new systems, structures and ways of working to promote innovation in our business.

And now that we’ve got an environment where our people can work on big ideas, we want to nurture that spirit of creativity.

You’ve all had those conversations with colleagues while grabbing a coffee or more often these days, having a chat on Microsoft Teams before a meeting starts. A big idea about something our company could do differently to make it more competitive. You’d chat about it with your colleague, before getting on with your tasks for the day.

But what if you didn’t just go about your day? What if you had the skills to develop your big idea into an incredible market opportunity? What if you were an intrepreneur?

An intrepreneur is an employee who works on big new ideas inside a company. It’s safer than being an entrepreneur, as you’re doing your work with the backing of a big company that actively encouragespeople with big ideas to pursue them and innovate.

To this end, we’re offering our people a new microcredential in Intrapreneurship Fundamentals through the University of Melbourne – to help drive innovation and grow these important skills inside our own business.

Part of this new microcredential will see our people bring an idea they have for our business, and give them the chance to develop and shape it in a group of likeminded professionals. Learners will understand,explore, and enact the essential requirements for successful innovation, and then construct a persuasive narrative to sell their idea within the organisation.  They will also learn aboutrisk, both personal and organizational, and the resilience needed to continue to drive and pursue new opportunities.  

Telstra has co-developed this microcredential with the University of Melbourne and as well as being available to our people, it will also be offered to other organisations and individuals who are keen to increase this skillset.

This microcredential is all about giving our people – and all Australians – the tools and the confidence to increase their impact and be an intrapreneur within their business.