As each day passes we see more disruption for Australian businesses created by technology innovation. We see more acceleration in digitally-enabled business models. We see new possibilities to grow and scale, often at very low cost.

How you feel about this disruption largely depends on how well your business is prepared for it – it can be exciting, frightening or even bewildering – in truth it is all of these things.

Through this whirlwind of change there is always one single source of truth and clarity I rely on – customers.

Customers will always know your business better than you do; know what works and know what does not, what adds value to their lives and businesses and what is just marketing hype.

That is why I love hitting the road and meeting customers across the country. Their passion for their businesses, their customers and their communities is unmistakable. For me, they provide the inspiration for what more we at Telstra can do to enrich lives, help businesses grow and communities prosper.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to meet with Nic Gulino and Francesca Pavone from Dann Event Hire in Melbourne. They run a very impressive events company and this year were the winners of the 2018 Medium & Making Waves Award at the Victorian Telstra Business Awards.

Technology plays a big part in their business, keeping their teams connected on site at events, when travelling, when doing deliveries, presenting to clients and giving their teams the flexibility to work from home when they need.

The insight Nic and Francesca provided was how important flexibility is in business and how it enables them to go after opportunities, knowing they can scale up and down as required and deliver the best outcomes for their customers.

In Wollongong today to meet with customers, not-for-profits, government leaders and our employees from across the Illawarra region, I shared the next phase of our T22 strategy, and how we are taking our support for Australian small business to a new level.

Our new approach is built around three things – flexibility to enable businesses to scale and choose what is right for them, greater cost certainty and value, and expert service and advice – all critical elements for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

There is a lot to our new suite of solutions for small businesses so I would encourage you to read more here. Here is a summary of what is included:

  • Business Choice mobile plan: Small business customers can now get a new mobile or tablet plan with a no lock-in contract and no excess data charges in Australia.
  • Unlimited broadband data: as standard on Business Bundle plans starting from $100.
  • Telstra Platinum® for Business: a new 24/7 tech advice and support service for business owners to take the pressure off having to employ, or in most cases, be their own IT experts.
  • More dedicated service and support for small businesses:
    • We have tripled the number of small business specialists in our 350 retail stores around the country to 3,000.
    • In early 2019, we will launch a new national premium ICT channel for small business customers with more complex technology needs.
    • We have also introduced a Concierge Tech Support™ service that provides small business customers calling with an nbn or fixed line service issue with one dedicated expert to help solve their problem fast.

In an increasingly connected world, businesses will be defined by how they respond in changing times – this is true for Telstra, true for small business, true for every business.

Just as we have done for the past century, Telstra will be there to help you with that. And I am sure that just as they have always done, our customers will keep us focussed on what matters most – them. And I am incredibly thankful for that.