It’s undoubtedly the must-watch TV event of the year. This weekend Prince Harry will wed Megan Markle, welcoming her into the royal family. To get you prepared for the big day, here’s a selection of our favourite royal-themed shows and films to stream on Telstra TV.

The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan (Hayu)

The Real Princess Diaries on Telstra TV

Bringing the monarchy into modern times, this special screening delves into the lives of three royals breaking boundaries – Diana Spencer Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge, and bride-to-be Meghan Markle. With a stellar line up of royal, pop culture, and style experts, THE REAL PRINCESS DIARIES on hayu gives viewers an exciting glimpse into how changing lifestyles, fashion and philanthropy have redefined how the world sees the British royal family.

When Harry Met Megan (Foxtel Now)

When Harry met Meghan on Telstra TV

Airing the day after their big day, WHEN HARRY MET MEGHAN intimately covers the events leading up to the year’s most notorious wedding for Foxtel Now. Starting from their very different childhoods, this 60-minute documentary gives viewers the inside scoop on Harry’s courtship and proposal, with detailed research and interviews providing a deeper glance into Meghan’s ancestral story.

Versailles (BigPond Movies)

This exquisite period series on BigPond Movies takes place in 1667 Versailles, following the reign of Louis XIV in his 28th year. With a talented cast and stunning costume design, this popular show beautifully covers real events as the king forces a revolting group of nobles to submit to him after moving the court from Paris to VERSAILLES. History, romance and a whole heap of addictive drama awaits.

Live Stream: Royal Wedding (9Now)

How to watch the Royal Wedding on Telstra TV

There’s no substitute to watching the wedding live, as it happens, in the comfort of your living room. And with Channel 9 LIVE STREAMING the event and providing a catch-up version on their 9Now app on Telstra TV, you won’t have to worry about missing out on the action. Join Prince Harry and his loved ones as they welcome Megan Markle into their family, in an event sure to be full of style and grace.

Suits (Foxtel Now)

Suits on Telstra TV

While not necessarily royal-themed, there’s no better way to find out more about our future princess than seeing her acting first-hand in SUITS. Playing the role of Rachel Zane, a passionate law associate, viewers will quickly fall in love with Meghan’s character as we follow her professional and romantic storylines on Foxtel Now. If you’re yet to see the popular series, you’ll want to binge on Telstra TV to get up-to-date with the latest season before Meghan departs this highly addictive legal drama to join the British royal family.

The Tudors (Stan)

The Tudors on Telstra TV

The loveable Jonathon Rhys Meyers plays the role of young King Henry VIII, highlighting the raw passion, ambition, and treachery that surrounded his 40-year reign. With four drama-packed seasons, this brilliant series is an easy way to gain knowledge on Britain’s royal history, including the King’s infamous relationships with women such as Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon. Guaranteed to hook you from the pilot, THE TUDORS will be your next favourite show to binge after the royal wedding.

A Royal Affair (SBS On Demand)

A Royal Affair on Telstra TV

With the new Tomb Raider star, Alicia Vikander, leading a beautiful cast, this gorgeous Danish film is one you’ll want to sit and soak in. Set in Denmark in 1766, the young queen (Vikander), who’s married to the mad Christian VII, falls into a deeply forbidden love with her physician. Together, the pair start a revolution that changes the course of history forever. With English subtitles, A ROYAL AFFAIR gives audiences an authentic look into the fashion, politics and relationships of 1700’s European royalty.

The Crown (Netflix)

The Crown on Telstra TV

Visually stunning and based on true events, THE CROWN closely follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II through her coronation into modern times. Created for Netflix, this award-winning series is the perfect show to binge to get you up-to-scratch on your British history in time for the upcoming wedding. Covering everything from personal struggles, scandalous romances and tough political decisions, this is a must-see for all royal fans.

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