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WA extreme weather and power issues

Telstra News

Posted on September 24, 2013

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This post has been developed to update the community of restoration work and contact points following extreme weather. Customers with service issues please contact 132 203.

Extreme weather conditions have caused a mass power disruption to a significant number of Telstra sites with some mobile base stations also impacted in South West Western Australia.

AC Mains has been restored to many of these sites, but these are currently around 50 without power.

This is causing landline, mobile and broadband impact for our customers in and around Bunbury, Quinninup, Bridgetown, Nannup and Manjimup.

The local power authority are working on restoring multiple high voltage lines located in the Bridgetown area that were damaged due to the severe weather.

In parallel, our power partner, Silcar, have technicians working on powering up Telstra sites by organising extra diesel fuel for Bridgetown and surrounding areas for generators. They’ve also been sourcing additional generators for sites that are at risk of failing.

I encourage customers to call Telstra on 132 203 to report a fault.

Update as of 26 September

AC mains has now been restored to the majority of Telstra sites but about a dozen sites (exchanges, roadside cabinets, etc.) currently remain without power. The local power authority is still working on the complex task of trying to restore multiple high voltage lines in the Bridgetown and Albany areas that were damaged due to the severe weather. All the while, Silcar technicians are continuing to manage Telstra sites that are at risk of failing due to power loss, by implementing a refuelling program for our generators at impacted sites.

Customer services impacted are landlines, mobiles and broadband and the areas affected are predominantly in the south of the state from Busselton across to Albany.

Depending on weather, this situation should resolve itself shortly and we’ll be back up and running as per usual.

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