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Vantage: Day two wrap

Telstra Vantage™

Posted on September 23, 2016

2 min read

He was one of tennis’ most dominant players. Now he serves a different type of game. Andre Agassi shared insights and inspiration on his career highlights and challenges at Vantage. And what a way to end day two where the question of ‘how do we do things better?’ dominated and was demonstrated by 1000 experts, and 95 partners from the world’s biggest technology giants.

Breakfast for early risers was hosted by Telstra’s National General Manager Public Safety and Security, Alex Stefan, who announced Telstra LANES Emergency to the media. Telstra LANES Emergency will be available for Emergency Services Organisations this summer, allowing them to interoperate and communicate with each other in a way that is world leading. Read more on Telstra LANES Emergency here.

The better ways theme continued with Stephen Elop, Group Executive Technology, Innovation and Strategy, who kicked off things on the main stage with a focus on the need for companies to transform and Telstra’s vision to find better ways to help their customers do just this.

He talked about how transformative moments can be pursued during moments of great strength and that there can be remarkably difficult and total transformations.  Stephen then commented that his belief is that truly great companies in the world have the capacity to survive and thrive and lead through periods of disruption, often reinventing themselves entirely as they go and recognised that Telstra has this in its DNA.

International guest Sir Ken Robinson, who holds the record for the most viewed TEDx talk in history said that innovation is the life force of all great organisations and that companies that survive longest are those that can best adapt to their changing environments. He also said the role of a creative leader is not to have all the good ideas: it’s to facilitate a culture where everyone has good ideas and that means thinking very differently about talent, creativity and how to cultivate them. Check out his blog for Exchange here.

Soon it was game, set and match on the main stage, when Telstra Chief Operating Officer Brendon Riley managed to serve a couple of curve balls to Andre Agassi, which he returned in true world champ style, rounding out the hugely successful #Vantage16.

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