Summer is so close you can almost smell the sunscreen mixed with Aeroguard and a hint of Aloe Vera. The cicadas are warming up their vocals and the neighbours are trying to get their pool to turn from moss-green to pool-tile blue. And I’m excited for this. There are some great techy things out there to get you as excited for the impending days of sweat-inducing heat and blowflies ruining barbeques.

Fitness Plan AppFirstly, summer means Christmas (at least for those south of the equator). And this means shopping. I’m a long-time ASOS fan, so don’t want to app-cheat on it, but there’s something about Country Road that just screams Australian Christmas presents – and their app is ace. Some home wares for mum, a bright t-shirt for dad, some board shorts for my brother, and I’m ready for December 25.

Next up, summer means the beach; and for a lot of us this means it’s time to grab those runners and get into shape. I’m a big fan of MyFitnessPal which lets you keep track of your diet and exercise plan and does all the calorie-calculations for you. Grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod, hit the pavement and fingers crossed we’ll all be looking like Miranda Kerr in no time!

The final thing we need is a sweet summer soundtrack. From Here Comes the Sun to Heatwave there is always that one song that reminds you of long lazy days running through sprinklers eating lemonade icy poles; and there’s no doubt you can find it on MOG.

Whether you’re a sun-seeker or a winter baby, get excited for summer and tell the weatherman to throw his best 40-degree day at you.

Top photo credit & license: Some rights reserved by bark