A number of our customers have contacted us over the past 24 hours about network activities some users have noticed on the Telstra Mobile Network, and the topic has generated a lot of discussion inside Telstra too. I wanted to address the concerns.

Firstly, it’s crucial for me to point out that our customers’ trust is the most important thing to us, so upon hearing concerns about the development of our new cyber-safety product we have stopped all collection of website addresses for its development.

We’ve made this decision as part of our acknowledgement that more consultation was needed before launching this service.

The new cyber-safety tool was designed to allow adults to choose the website categories kids in their care can access on a mobile phone. The website addresses were being collected to allow parents to specify the website categories kids can access on their mobile phone.

In order for this product to work accurately we needed to classify internet sites, based on the content they hold.

I want to reassure all our customers that at no point in the development of this product was personal information collected or stored and we’ll be reviewing what we learned from this project.

We understand our customers’ concerns about protecting their privacy online and are serious about keeping trust on this front by being transparent about the way we deal with customer data.

We’re already talking with key industry bodies to determine how best to proceed in the future. Cyber-safety is an important issue to address but we’re also very conscious of individual rights.

Please feel free to post your questions or concerns below as we’re happy to respond individually to any customers with concerns.