We wanted to provide you with an update on our free data top ups program for fixed broadband customers.

We are so happy that so many of you have already received your free top up and are loving the extra data.

It’s a big job updating 2.5 million peoples’ broadband allowance and we are working through topping up the remaining consumer ADSL, Cable, Velocity and NBN plans. We’ve staggered this approach to ensure accuracy of the change amongst our large customer base. Rest assured we will have everyone topped up with extra data by the end of July.

In the meantime if you need extra data we have just launched self service on our Home Broadband Data Top-Ups. The new ‘Three for Free Online Self-Service’ allows all eligible existing and new Fixed Broadband customers to access a Home Broadband Data Top-Up via My Account and the Telstra 24×7® app — without having to contact by phone or Live Chat. Each Home Broadband Data Top-Up gives the customer 100 per cent of their allowance back – effectively doubling their data.

So if a customer is on a on a 100GB plan and they hit their data allowance for the month they will get another 100GB to use for the remainder of their billing cycle with each Top-Up. For more information read our Three for Free article.

UPDATE : Bonus data top ups for more of our fixed broadband customers

We want to provide you with an update on our Bonus Data Top Ups program for our fixed broadband customers.

I’m pleased to confirm that by the end of this month we will have completed the process of providing Bonus Data Top Ups to our remaining customers on Consumer Home Broadband ADSL, CABLE, Velocity and NBN Broadband plans (launched prior to 30th June 2015) that have not yet received this top up.

These Bonus Data Top Ups are at no additional cost to you and will appear on your account between the end of July and your next billing period.

It’s been a big task, adding more data and providing more value to more than 2.5million customer plans, and we thank you for your patience as we worked through this.

We’ve loved hearing how much you’re enjoying your bonus data and know that many of you were hoping that more broadband services would be added to this offer so you too could also enjoy all that bonus data brings.

And with the recent launch of our Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network, Telstra Air®, you can now take your home broadband data to thousands of hotspots across Australia and 15 million hotspots overseas through our partnership with Fon – allowing you to enjoy even more of your bonus data top-up.

We hope you enjoy your bonus data!


Am I eligible?
The data will be applied to all consumer ADSL, Cable, FTTP and NBN plans.

You can get three Home Broadband Data Top-Ups per year if you are on an eligible plan. There are heaps of eligible plans.