There is no secret I am an early adopter and that I am a total sucker for shiny things. But the real secret to my success, albeit success in my own lunchbox, is having great equipment.

And this could be why I don’t own three houses and drive a Ferrari yet. I am the worst form of early adopter on the planet. I bought a Nokia N80 slider phone when it was first released in all of its 2100Mhz 3G glory, I had an NEC N412i  iMode when it came to market – and the list goes on endlessly. Finally I lined up in the cold outside T[life] on  11 July, 2008 for an iPhone, and ever since I have been a changed man. The iPhone finally delivered everything I wanted in a phone, mobile device and iPod; I no longer have to carry two devices everywhere I go.

Bad day at the officeFanboy I may be but the Apps store is the true hero of this story. There is an App for everything and I want them all. I recently decided to try some R&R on myself, amusing theory but much more difficult in practice when you are a self proclaimed digital native. Unplug me and I simply cease to exist. If I don’t have headphones on, who will tell me to keep breathing? That sort of thing, you get the idea.

Anyway I was up in Ocean Shores which is 20 mins north of Byron Bay visiting my favourite sister with my trusty laptop and assorted folders of paper and sketches here there and everywhere when I realised that I hadn’t transferred a document from my computer at home onto my laptop, and I didn’t  back it up on a USB drive either, and the walls were about to come crashing down on a Uni deadline.

App Store to the rescue, iDisk was on my iPhone. Love ‘em or hate ‘em Mac can be incredibly clever and one such example of this is their cloud computing offer on MobileMe. Costly yes, but a life saver too – as I was about to find out. The iDisk service provides virtual space online and fortunately I had setup a folder for my studies while at home and as quick as I could log in, I had the document from my home office in Melbourne all the way up to Northern NSW with me and those deadlines went whooshing past me without a worry in the world.

Without all of this amazing trusted gorgeous shiny technology, and of course the amazing Internet which I love more than my parents (sorry Mum) I don’t quite know how I would survive let alone pass University and get a Masters Degree

Credit: animation gif courtesy of this site.