With more than two million Telstra customers now connected to the nbn network, Aussies are making the most of their fast connections by using more data than ever before.

When our customers move from ADSL onto the nbn network, their data use increases by almost 50 per cent on average as they stream, game, surf and work at home using the faster nbn speeds.

To support our customers’ growing online habits, over the past fortnight we’ve given another around 600,000 fixed broadband customers unlimited data allowances at no extra cost. If you’re one of these customers we’ll start letting you know from today. This follows on from the data boost to around three million customers last year.

Today we’ve also made our broadband packages with unlimited data more affordable than ever with the introduction of a new $89 home broadband plan which includes the Standard Plus speed tier for fixed nbn customers, a Telstra Smart Modem™ for customers connecting a new broadband service and unlimited standard calls within Australia (min cost $2,235 over 24 months).

With the data used on our fixed network increasing by around 40 per cent each year, NSW uses the largest share of the nation’s data downloads, consuming almost a third of the total amount of data used on Telstra’s fixed network.

The annual data used by NSW households is equivalent to watching Netflix in HD for about 23 million hours or 970,000 days.

On a per household basis, Territorians are the nation’s biggest data users with the average NT household using around 263GB each month.

South Australia’s Munno Parra takes the crown for the biggest data-using postcode in the nation with Telstra customers using an average of 331GB a month.

With the growth of 4K TVs combined with the faster speeds now available on the nbn, we’re watching videos in amazing quality and clarity – a much better entertainment experience than five years ago.

As most customers on our Standard Plus nbn plans now experience download speeds of 45Mbps (excluding Fixed Wireless customers and FTTN/B/C customers with limited line speeds), it makes sense that we’re seeing our customers use significantly more data at home once they move onto the nbn network.

To make sure the customer experience is as smooth as possible, in the past 12 months – along with providing data boosts – we’ve bestowed faster speeds to nearly 1.5 million customers, provided the Telstra Smart Modem to 500,000 customers and launched our nbn Satisfaction Guarantee.

Customers after a complete and comprehensive internet, entertainment and Telstra Smart Home solution, can now sign up to a Telstra Smart Home Control & Monitor Kit and $99 Unlimited Home Broadband and Streaming Bundle, and receive a bonus Google Home* (min cost $3,075 over 24 months).

Control devices plugged into your Smart Power Plug using your voice – plug in your lamps, hair straighteners, irons and cookers to have complete control using your voice via the Google Home Mini.

Check out our bundles page for more information on all our new bundles.

*Available to new & recontracting smart home & broadband customers. Offer available from 4th September 2018 to 29th October 2018. Terms and conditions apply. Find out more about our Smart Home kits here.