I wish I had a dollar for every time I have been told that the home phone is dead, and that mobile phones will replace landlines over the next couple of years.

Thankfully no one has told this to the folk at Uniden.

Last Sunday I took a flight to Sydney to visit my parents (something I don’t do often enough!), and purchased a Uniden SSE27 +1 from the local T Shop as a belated Father’s Day present.

What is a SSE27 +1? Well it definitely is not the winner of the most innovative product name for 2010. It is, however, a wonderful phone, answering machine and additional portable phone (hence the +1) for the visually and hearing impaired. Put simply, it is THE seniors’ home phone I have been searching for.

So what makes this a seniors’ phone?

Firstly it has large buttons that are easy to read and well spaced – both on the corded and cordless handsets.

It is compatible with t-coil hearing aides; has a large red flashing light indicator for incoming calls; easy to use 70 number directories that can be shared between handsets and 30 caller ID memories. What’s really cool is the phone’s voice function that reads out the numbers you are pressing, or alerts you to an incoming call from one of your saved entries.

Added to these features is a fully functional, yet easy to use, digital answering machine with a slow playback option. You can extend the number of rings before the answering machine kicks in (3,6,9 or 12 rings). There is also an intercom, speaker phone, volume boost, large display screen, do not disturb function and long battery life for the portable.

Most importantly, the fixed handset can still make and receive calls via a current through a copper line, even during a power failure.

If you need additional portable handsets, the SSE27 can support up to six handsets.

Uniden says standby time is 7 days, and that the phone provides up to 10 hours talk time.

A bit about the technology.

The Uniden XDECT R series offer Extended Digital Coverage through a diversity antenna system for optimal reception and clarity. The phone is built on the DECT6.0 platform.

In summary, it’s day 4 and the phone is being well used. My father has programmed additional numbers into the directory and increased the ring tone volume. My mother has taken advantage of the larger buttons and the flashing light call indicator. No more misplaced handsets! And the answering machine is working better than the old one.

Bottom line – they are thrilled with it.

It’s good to see a modern, functional phone that combines tailored features and style in a practical device I’d be happy to use.

The Uniden SSE27 is available from T Shops and a range of retailers.