So, it’s finally here – the next generation of console gaming is within arm’s reach, and many people around the world will be unboxing their own Xbox Series X very soon!

It’s been a journey to get to this point, but the end result is oh so satisfying. I have to say, the team at Xbox has really outdone themselves this time – the Series X console stands up to the hype I’ve been building up inside my own head for months and months, and I’ve been waiting, wanting, desiring and imagining this moment for quite a while.

The Xbox Series X’s aesthetics are gorgeous – I’m very thankful for the different approach that Xbox took to the console’s industrial design, so it doesn’t just blend in with other set top boxes and game consoles. In its vertical position, it stands out as a monolith amongst other older consoles; it even reminds me of a desktop PC tower. While I was setting up the console, I found myself stopping just to look at it properly because once it’s plugged in you’ll rarely move it again. It’s worth taking the time to really look at this marvel, especially if you’ve spent the last 6 to 12 months looking at it online already!

They’ve conquered it in the looks department but, how does it perform? In short, incredibly well. The Series X supports high resolutions and frame rates all the way up to 4K and 120fps – and this means there’s never been a better time or a better reason to upgrade your TV! Ensure your TV (or the one you’re eyeing off in the store) is rocking HDMI 2.1 to take advantage of those high refresh rates for buttery smooth gameplay. We’re already familiar with pretty lighting, water and facial features in modern games, but nothing prepared me for what Series X was pushing out! You can see the pores on characters’ faces, individual droplets of water dripping off clothing, and rays of light reflecting gorgeously off water. I hope you’re ready to spend some time gawking at the sea!

That being said, I’m very excited for the existing Xbox One games that are being optimised for the Series X! The ease of use of Xbox Game Pass, and the movement of much-loved titles to the new console, is so easy that it barely requires anything of the user. Seeing some of my favourite titles easily playable on the Xbox Series X is a sigh of relief – no more re-buying of my games, and no back and forth on the phone to tech support to get them to work. All this insane performance won’t be wasted either, we’ll have game worlds unlike any others before. So depending where you are in your gaming journey, go back and play some gems like Alan Wake, Mirror’s Edge or even re-experience Halo on this powerhouse of a console. Thanks to Xbox All Access, it’s very hard to find yourself without a game to play – there’s always new games being brought forward for both old and young audiences to enjoy.

The games that launch in the early stages of a new console generation always excite me the most. They’re either created with the previous generation in mind, so everyone can enjoy them, or they are a title that manages to use the new technology in an innovative way to bring us gameplay we’ve never experienced before.

The innovation that we see in games with every new generation is a great time to get into gaming, and I’m personally on the edge of my seat waiting to see what developers do next with the most powerful console ever.

You can get hold of Xbox Series X as part of Telstra’s exclusive Xbox All Access offer. Available as a monthly package for Telstra consumer postpaid customers, Xbox All Access includes a new Xbox console of your choice and access to over 100 games and online multiplayer through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The flagship Xbox Series X bundle with Xbox All Access costs $46 a month (min cost $1104 when you stay connected for 24 months plus your plan charges). For more info on the packages or how to order, head to our Xbox All Access site.