Our first ever 5G mobile broadband device is the HTC 5G Hub, a mobile media hotspot that can deliver blazing fast speeds through our mobile network and supports up to 20 Wi-Fi devices. It has the smarts of a smartphone inside and even has a 5-inch display that gives you all the information you need at a glance.

Just like 5G marks our entry into a new era of mobile connectivity, the HTC 5G Hub is a brand new device designed to give you a world of opportunities whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move. It’s part Wi-Fi hotspot, part smart home hub, part 5G powerhouse.

The 5G Hub is our first 5G device available to order, and it’s equally at home in your living room as it is accompanying you on your commute or during the workday. Straight out of the box, you’ll see just how much thought has gone into the 5G Hub’s design. Standing upright, it’s a sleek and compact media hotspot that’s simple to use – there’s just one physical button to power it on and off, with everything else controlled from that bright, clear 5-inch screen.

The HTC 5G Hub can connect to our 5G technology, which is available in select areas. Where 5G isn’t available the device, with its Snapdragon™ X50 modem and top end Cat 20 LTE rating, can make the most of everything Telstra’s 4G coverage has to offer.

Built on a powerful hardware platform, the HTC 5G Hub uses Google’s latest Android™ 9 Pie software. It supports voice control through its always on Google Assistant, so you can give it verbal commands, and it has some surprisingly powerful stereo speakers hidden away inside if you want to stream music.

To make the most of this device, you can set up the HTC 5G Hub using your Google account just like you would an Android™ smartphone, and you can install your favourite Android™ apps to check the weather or even read your email. Additionally, you can integrate the device with your Telstra TV or Smart TV as well as compatible smart devices around your home – so you can do things like verbally control Netflix through your HTC 5G Hub and stream in 4K to your Smart TV in your living room.

You can, of course, set up its Wi-Fi hotspot however you’d like – customise your Wi-Fi name and password, see how many devices are connected, and share those details with anyone by displaying them on the 5G Hub’s 5-inch screen.

While it’s on charge, the 5G Hub’s screen defaults to showing a digital clock and the signal strength of your 4G or 5G data connection, as well as any notifications you’ve received. The screen also turns off when it’s dark, or late at night, as well as when you’re using it on the go.

The 5G Hub has an Ethernet port on its rear, so you can plug it into your home Wi-Fi router (if you have one) or directly to a laptop or PC to share its fast mobile speeds. The USB-C port means you can also connect a USB-C video cable to hook the 5G Hub up to your TV and directly stream from any video app you have installed.

When you leave it plugged into its charger for long periods, the battery charge will cap itself at 70 percent, maintaining a healthy level of charge without putting a strain on the 5G Hub’s internal hardware. You can charge the HTC 5G Hub’s big 7660mAH battery using its included charger, but it also has a USB-C port for topping it up off your Android™ smartphone charger too. It can even charge other devices from its battery using that rear USB-C port.

The HTC 5G Hub is an innovative and powerful smart device and mobile broadband hotspot; not only does it give you access to our ground-breaking 5G technology, but it’ll also make your home smarter and help you stay connected on the go.

The HTC 5G Hub is now available to order and will be available in Telstra stores from May 28. For more information and technical specifications, you can check here. Unboxing the HTC 5G Hub, our first 5G device

Telstra currently offers 5G in select areas and is progressively rolling it out to other areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4GX/4G or 3G. Check coverage at telstra.com/coverage.