I know September is a favourite month for many Australian’s – what with Footy Finals, the warmer weather creeping in and holidays just around the corner. For me, September is all about Telstra Vantage . . .it’s Australia’s pre-eminent ideas, technology and business experience and it’s awesome.

4 years ago the Telstra team set out to redefine the old school conference and event experience we’ve all been to. Looking at what’s in store this year, I can say with confidence that we have set a new standard in how companies can get value from spending time with a broad range of world leading technology partners.

This year will be even more focused on how we create brilliant customer experiences through the magic of technology. From Artificial Intelligence and drones, to eye movement technology that enables a dream to come true for a musician with physical limitations.

Read the book Freakonomics? Dreamed of travelling to space? Well this year we’ve got the award-winning co-author of the Freakonomics series Stephen Dubner and Anousheh Ansari, the world’s first female private space explorer and technology entrepreneur joining the stage. They are going to challenge and inspire everyone to sit up and think differently about how they take on challenges.

With 6,500+ people expected on site this will be the single largest experience that Telstra have ever delivered – but it’s not about size, it’s about quality. It’s about curating a brilliant experience that helps customers solve their issues.

Too often people talk about tech for tech’s sake, this experience focuses on developing solutions that actually help our customers, so they walk away with practical skills and solutions to make real change, now that’s worth getting excited about. We’re excited to be working together with businesses around the world over the next few days, to go one better than last year and solve even more business challenges with innovative technology.

Before it all kicks off tomorrow, I wanted to share why I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning and why attending could be the best business decision you make this year. . .

  1. It’s all about you – our customers

You are at the heart of this experience – every detail has been planned with you in mind. Every year, as part of our preparation, we ask our customers what their business challenges are and last year we solved 85% of these at Telstra Vantage based on what our customers saw, hear and experience while here.  This is the main reason I love this experience – it’s more than just an event we workshop real business problems and our attendees leave with real solutions.

  1. You will see the depth and breadth of the Telstra ecosystem

Telstra has a role in creating, curating, advising and inspiring our customers. Telstra Vantage brings this all together quite literally under one roof – showcasing our partners, our solutions and how we work together to help you achieve your business goals. This is where we do what we do best and it’s inspiring to see the jigsaw come together with people leaving Vantage with all the tools they need for a better year ahead.

  1. And, how the magic comes to life

When you walk into the Vantage Village, you realise the power that technology has in making dreams a reality. The experience breeds excitement, it’s the feeling of inspiration in its truest form. You will discover the secret source that you’ve been searching for, learning how technology can be truly magic, and better still, the solution that your business needs to thrive.

I look forward to sharing more about Vantage over the next couple of days.

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