Do you have an old unused mobile phone hanging around? Do some good and turn it into a meal for someone in need.

We all have one. Maybe it’s a little rough around the edges, not as cool as it used to be, or maybe you’ve upgraded to the latest model – these phones are simply old, broken, and unwanted.

We’re talking about mobiles – millions of them, in fact.

MobileMuster, Australia’s leading mobile phone recycling program, estimates there are almost 5 million old mobile phones which are no longer working, along with their chargers and accessories. This summer is the perfect time to pull them out of the junk drawer and put them to better use.

MobileMuster has teamed up with food rescue organisation OzHarvest to encourage Australians to recycle and do some good. For every phone recycled until the end of February, OzHarvest will deliver a meal to someone in need through our Mobile for a Meal initiative. The aim is to collect and recycle 70,000 phones – and deliver 70,000 meals to those in need across Australia.

To get involved, simply recycle your mobile, along with any accessories, to a MobileMuster recycling collection point at your nearest Telstra store before the end of February. MobileMuster will responsibly recycle your mobiles and recover 99 per cent of the materials that can go back into making new products.

Remember to remove any data on your phone that you would like to keep before you recycle and feel secure that any data left on the devices is destroyed in the recycling process.