This year we’ve made good on a promise to simplify our plans for our customers, simplifying them down from 1800 to just 20. Our plans are now as modern as the phones you can buy today at Telstra Stores or on our website. Here are 11 ways to get the most out of your new plans with Telstra.

No lock-in plans

We never want you to feel trapped in your plan. Sometimes your plans will change, and your Telstra service should be able to change with you. That means you have the flexibility to switch up your data allowance when you need to.

You might need more data around the school holidays, or you might want to turn your plan all the way down if you’re leaving the country for a month. Small business users can also take advantage of the flexibility, with the option of scaling their service as their business requires.


Our new plan freedom also means being able to add and remove options for your plan whenever you like. You can personalise your plan with a great range of add-ons like entertainment, accessories, and service extras. Add a Kayo subscription for your favourite code’s season for example, and then drop it when the season ends. Easy!

Telstra Plus

Telstra Plus is our reinvention of loyalty. Customers that enrolled in our rewards program are already using their points towards the latest technology, while reaping other benefits like cheap movie tickets and early-access to some of the greatest entertainment experiences on offer.

No excess data charges

Our no excess data plans mean you get a set amount of data per month to use in Australia, but you don’t get penalised for going over. Instead, you’re slowed down to 1.5Mbps if you exceed your allocated monthly data allowance. That’s real peace of mind!

Hassle-free payment options

It’s your device, and you should be able to pay for it your way. No leases, no interest, no hassles. Just pick your device and pay for it over a set period of time: 24 or 36 months. Once the device has been repaid, it is yours. No need to return it as part of the plan.

Leading network

We’re super proud to run Australia’s largest and best mobile network. Built on a series of cutting-edge technologies, we’re the largest carrier of speed and capacity in the nation.

Our 4GX network offers more for everyone. Our rural users can take advantage of the network thanks to far-reaching 700MHz spectrum that connects more places than ever, and our metro users can count on 4GX for fast and strong in-building coverage and speed when compared to regular 4G networks.

And with the advent of a super-fast and incredibly capable 5G network, you can be sure we’re future-proof for all the amazing phones to come.

24/7 service

Commuters on mobile phone

The Telstra 24×7 App for iOS and Android lets you be the boss of your own account, allowing you to manage your account and services from your smartphone or tablet. The app has always been popular with our customers, and now, we have been working hard to make it even more user-friendly and easy to navigate.

With the app, you can:

  • Navigate around your account
  • Find your bill and see the most important details at a glance
  • Contact Telstra with an easier to find ‘Support’ tab
  • Know when a new bill is available with new red notification badges


We also support the latest connectivity technology with the addition of eSIM support to our network for compatible devices. eSIM – or “Embedded SIM” to use its full moniker – sees a rewritable SIM card built into your device alongside a traditional physical SIM slot. That means you can effectively have two services at once, doubling what you can do with your device.

You could connect two numbers to the one device at once and manage personal and business use with a single smartphone; you could use an eSIM instead of buying a new physical SIM card when you travel, and you can even use one service as a specific data SIM, with the other solely used for calls.

Telstra Air

Telstra Air customers can connect to Australia’s largest Wi-Fi network to access unlimited data using your smartphone, mobile device or laptop.

When you’re out and about, Telstra Air automatically connects you to the nearest hotspot in range via the Telstra Air App.

You can use Telstra Air at over 1 million hotspots across Australia at public payphones, local council areas, residential areas and business centres.

Telstra Air customers can access over 19 million hotspots across the world through our partnership with Fon.

Telstra Live Pass

Love sport? So do we! That’s why we include Live Pass in all of our post-paid plans for free (normally a $329.99 value). Our customers are able to consume NRL, AFL, Netball Australia and FFA games direct to their phones and tablets. We’re on track to bring nearly 850 games to our mobile customers in 2019, all streamed live, fast and completely data-free.

And it’s flexible. Pick it up one season, drop it the next.

Competitive pricing

Telstra’s new and simplified plan offering for consumers and small businesses combine great pricing with incredible coverage, service and flexibility. Check out our plans below.

Here’s to turning it up to 11 this new phone season!