Tropfest went absolutely troppo on Sunday night at the big finale and I was stoked to be able to watch the finalists on the big screen at Melbourne’s Federation Square.  Animal Beatbox brought the housedown with laughter and applause regardless of the controversy surrounding any likeness to badgerbadgerbadger and took out top honours.

But as my mind started to wander I took pause to consider the big question – have we lost the power of concentration?

One of the key tips I learnt on Sunday was that your Tropfest film must be under seven minutes – and in fact the shorter the better.

But can you believe that I still found myself distracted? I actually still missed one film altogether. My distraction disease is so bad that I missed an entire film that was less than seven minutes long. How does that happen?

Ok so maybe I was busy watching the twitter stream and piping in on Twitter and updating the Telstra Facebook fan page with juicy goss from the event, but do you think I should have been able to concentrate for a least four of those seven minutes to catch every finalists film?

Everything these days is short. Twitter has a 140 character limit. News articles are getting shorter every day. Online is evolving into our primary source of information, and by crikey make it fast or I am zoning it out. Even this blog you are reading (you are still reading right?) is only 300 words long.

Anyway speaking of short, check out this quick clip our resident film guru Sam A put together on the night, some great interviews with the three Telstra Mobile Masterpieces finalists and a look behind the scenes at our Classic One liners promo on the night.

Don’t forget you still have the chance to Win $5000 by voting for your favourite 2011 Movie Extra Tropfest flick.

So did you love Tropfest as much as I did?