When you dial the Triple Zero Emergency Call Service, every second counts. It is vitally important that emergency dispatchers can get emergency services to where you need help as soon as possible. Intelligent Apple and Android smartphones with location services and new technology can now help Emergency Services operators to work out where you’re calling from.

The introduction of Advanced Mobile Location is a significant development for Australia’s Triple Zero (000 & 112) Emergency Call Service. The development and implementation of this technology has required extensive coordination and collaboration between the Australian Government, Telstra as the initial answering point for emergency calls, mobile carriers, State and Territory Emergency Service Organisations, mobile operating system providers (Google for Android-based devices and Apple for iOS-based devices), and mobile device suppliers.

What is Advanced Mobile Location?

Advanced Mobile Location or AML is a technology that allows capable smartphones to send their location to Emergency Services when the user connects to the Triple Zero Emergency Call Service. Given that more than 77 per cent of calls to Triple Zero Emergency Call Service are from a mobile phone, this technology has the potential to save the lives of those who need it most.

Examples provided from other countries that have implemented Advanced Mobile Location indicate that when used outdoors, AML can be capable of providing a caller’s estimated location within five metres of the actual location, and indoors it can provide a caller’s estimated location within 25 metres. Australia joins Europe, the UK and New Zealand in deploying Advanced Mobile Location and AML is already saving lives in those countries.

How do you get Advanced Mobile Location?

This is the best part: Advanced Mobile Location is not an app, but instead uses a technology built into your Apple or Android smartphone’s operating system.

Check triplezero.gov.au to confirm whether your device and service are compatible and for instructions on how to make Advanced Mobile Location work, including updating your device to the latest software build.

If your device has AML, the functionality will only be activated when you make an emergency call (000 & 112), and once the call is completed, it will be turned off or deactivated.