Most of us have a spare old phone – maybe even two or three – rattling around at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. We also know that a bit of spare credit on your Telstra bill can come in handy at any time, especially if you’re choosing a new phone!

Old phones are old for a reason – today’s devices are faster, more durable, take better photos and do more of what we need day to day. But that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t love your pre-loved handset as much as you did.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Kingfisher Mobile Australia to make trading in your old and out-of-contract devices easier, and made it as easy as possible for you to get the best in market price for your old phone or tablet. Trade-in gives you credit back to your Telstra bill in exchange for a device you’re no longer using. You can then use that credit to make purchasing a new device more affordable on a Telstra plan.

Best of all, trade-ins are entirely online and self-service through the My Telstra app, so you don’t have to visit a store or send your phone off to be assessed. In the My Telstra app, you’ll be asked a series of questions like the version of the device, its storage capacity, colour and condition.

Based on that self-assessment, you’ll get a trade-in offer from our partner Kingfisher if your device is eligible, and if you accept, you’ll be sent a satchel in the mail with instructions on what to do next. There’s no obligation if you don’t accept the trade-in offer. Once you’ve sent in your device and your self-assessment has been verified, we’ll issue credit to your Telstra account.

At the moment, Apple, Samsung and Google phones are eligible for trade-in, as are Apple and Samsung tablets. Every month we’ll review which devices can be traded, so if yours isn’t on the portal, it might be in the future. There’s no limit to the number of devices a customer can trade in, and you don’t even need to return any accessories that came with your phone. If you’re picking out a new device, that means you can hang on to your old charger and cable and re-use them, helping reduce electronic waste.

There are environmental benefits to trading your phone in, too – the devices are reconditioned, resold and recycled rather than ending up as e-waste. That’s ever more important to us as we push to reduce our overall environmental emissions as a carbon neutral business.

If your phone is a bit too old, or a bit too broken – no judgement from us! – or is otherwise not suitable for trade-in, then you’ll be encouraged to recycle it and given guidance on the best ways to do that. We’re also continuing our device recycling program in stores in partnership with Mobile Muster, so there’s always a way to give your old phones and tablets a new lease of life.

Download the My Telstra app to trade in your old phone or tablet and turn it into credit. To learn more about the trade-in program and what it means for you, visit our Trade-In Portal.

Our new 5G coverage checker is smarter than ever

With a host of new 5G handsets about to hit the shelves and hundreds of new 5G sites going up every week, we’ve built a new mobile coverage checker to give you the clearest view of the status of Telstra 5G in your area.

The checker predicts your coverage for both indoor and outdoor use, a differentiation which can be important for 5G where factors like distance to the mobile base station and any structures in the way can affect the quality of your connection.

This new tool supports our mobile coverage maps which show where we currently have 5G and where it will be coming soon, to help customers make an informed choice when shopping for a new handset.