We’ve already shared how our Track and Monitor systems are helping big businesses all over the country effectively locate their assets and reduce operational costs. Now we’ve been recognised for our work on the Internet of Things deployment that is vital to our nation’s future by winning three industry awards.

Today in Australia, we’re losing up to 20% of the water from the reservoir to the residential home. Leaks in network pipelines that are geographically challenging to locate and service, along with water theft and customer-side leaks all contribute to the wastage of our nation’s most precious resource.

Every drop of water counts. Sydney, for example, is currently under heavy water restrictions as local dam and catchment levels experience one of the steepest declines of stored water in decades. To tackle this problem we developed our Telstra Digital Water Metering solution to track every drop proactively via intelligent IoT sensing running on our 3.5 million square kilometres of NB-IoT network coverage. Here are some of the ways we are using this technology in real-world applications:

  • Sydney Water sought to monitor the pipe, water and wastewater network to assess overall network health remotely in a trial that detected 22 blockages that would have impacted thousands of properties;
  • Watercorp, meanwhile, used Telstra’s IoT platform to collect granular information about households’ use of water to accurately forecast supply and demand. A five-year study is now underway to determine how Perth uses its water, and already the IoT network is proving useful. Watercorp now has their own sophisticated data analytics to model detailed usage patterns over a two-week period each quarter to determine seasonal variance in water usage; and
  • Busselton Water used the technology to deliver a metering trial within a specific district, focusing on leak detection and pipe pressure management. The trial has already identified water leaks in their supply network and Busselton Water is now proactively managing the optimisation of its own infrastructure, reducing overall water consumption.

Telstra’s IoT platform provides insights to customers via the water management application which includes purpose-built dashboards for monitoring and managing water meter data. The dashboard provides Water Utilities with views of daily or weekly water consumption, aggregated consumption over time, flow and trend analysis, as well as peak and non-peak consumption. Customers can also use our well-defined API’s in our IoT Platform to easily export and integrate data into their own platforms.

The solution collects available sensor data like pressure, consumption, and alerts such as pressure drops from a new generation of digital water meters managed via Telstra’s IoT platform. Telstra’s IoT solution offers off-the-shelf tools for monitoring and managing all this data along with business rules. Dashboards provide users with near real-time full state-of-play at any given time.

Telstra’s Digital Water Metering solution and our implementation success with peak water providers around the country earned us a Sustainability award at the IoT Impact Awards, celebrating our contribution to accelerating the adoption of IoT in Australia in a deployment that is vital to our nation’s future. We’re proud of the team’s work on implementing this great water management product, and we’re not done picking up awards for our IoT solutions, either.

Recently our Track and Monitor product won the Award for best Research and Development or New Implementation at the Global IoT Awards. Track and Monitor is being used in a variety of ways around Australia to help hospitals, transit companies and more keep an eye on their assets to reduce cost and save precious time.

Our work with SCT Logistics, for example, is proof of how Track and Monitor provides improved data insights. SCT Logistics uses Track and Monitor to locate 1500+ non-powered assets (trailers, rail wagons etc) easily, forecast delivery times and analyse data to deliver efficiencies into the business. Infrastructure such as these used to be tracked via an Excel spreadsheet. Now, Track and Monitor provides an interactive visual dashboard that auto-updates for ease-of-use.

And with the environmentally-friendly solar-charging capabilities of our trackers deployed throughout the logistics company’s network, replacing the batteries is a nascent concern.

More than just improving the internal productivity of their tracking systems, SCT Logistics uses the data to keep customers updated on the approximate location of their freight. Customers can now be updated precisely when their container reaches the depot, thanks to the Track and Monitor solution using our world-class networks.

We’re proud to be supporting Australian businesses to make their own infrastructure and businesses more efficient, and we’re thrilled to be honoured by these awards. We’re excited to continue to network the nation with efficient, cost-effective and capable monitoring equipment that work the first time, every time.