The world is changing rapidly and business needs to adapt in order thrive. At Telstra’s landmark Vantage conference, CEO Andy Penn laid out the company’s vision for the future, and the strategy to achieve it. Here are the top three insights that he shared:

A history of innovation

Telstra has always been a company of technology optimists, with a belief that technology can bring tremendous benefits for businesses, society and the nation. For 100 years, that optimism has driven investment and innovation.

Whether it was building the first trunk telephone connections between Sydney and Melbourne; laying the first coaxial cables to carry telephone, TV, and satellite transmissions; launching the first mobile phones in Australia; or launching the first gigabit per second mobile device and the fastest in the world – Telstra has been at the cutting edge.

But the technology innovation seen to date is nothing compared to that which we can expect over the next decades, which is which is why Telstra, like other businesses, must transform to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Services of the future

There is no tech innovation today that’s not intended to be connected, from drones to driverless cars, cloud computing to online banking, ecommerce to IoT. These applications and services rely on a high-quality, fast, reliable and secure telecommunications networks.

Many of the applications and services leveraging Telstra’s networks today are disrupting traditional ways of doing business. In the process, new companies and competitors are capturing the increasing value technology is delivering across a range of industries.

Despite telecommunications companies around the wold investing tens of billions of dollars in networks to cope with increased demand, in some ways the industry has failed to capture the real value from this. Telstra sees this as an opportunity, not a threat, and remains a technology optimist.

A strategy for success

Two years ago, Telstra unveiled a vision to become a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

Telstra’s success in this new age is not only good for shareholders and customers, it also helps underpin the success of other businesses across Australia’s economy.

In order to succeed Telstra needs to transform to become Australia’s leading technology company with global reach, global capabilities and global partners.

We look forward to sharing this transformation, and the success it bring, with you.